Yukon NV 5×60 Night Vision Monocular Review (Updated 2018)

yukon nv 5x60 night vision monocular review

Night vision equipment is the right companion to bring light into the dark. A good night vision monocular helps you to see things at night. While the observation of animals in daylight is not a problem, open eyes are not able to see nocturnal animals at night.

With a night vision monocular, which amplifies the extra light, it is also possible to observe in the night or the morning when the weather is dusk.

Night vision equipment is used by the military, the police, monitoring companies, hunters, fishers or cave explorers.

Because a large number of manufacturers and many different models, the market for night vision equipment is unmanageable.

The Yukon night vision unit NV 5x60 has already been tested and this product review is made from a closer look. The Yukon NV 5x60 Night Vision Review will ensure you about the quality of the product and help you to find the right one.

Features and Performance

  • The Yukon night vision unit NV 5x60 is a remarkable device not only because of its 5x magnification but also because of having amazing capabilities. The truly excellent magnification is based on the installed lens with a diameter of 60 millimeters. In addition, the device has an optimal weight and handy mass.
  • With the 5x magnification, it reaches the resolution of about 40 lines per millimeter specified by the manufacturer. For this reason, a sharp viewing area at a distance of 300 meters is absolutely no problem for the Yukon night vision monocular NV 5×60.
  • This device is a valuable tool for police, monitoring companies, hunters, and nature lovers.
  • The battery life is approximately 72 hours without IR illumination. And when IR lighting is switched on it lasts for about 20 hours. For this reason, it is always recommended to have a spare battery in your pocket.
  • The NV 5x60 is equipped with a low-consumption built-in IR illuminator for seeing images even in complete darkness and also when there are inadequate levels of natural illumination at night (to increase quality and range of observation).
yukon nv 5x60 night vision review

Technical Specification

Generation: 1

Magnification: 5x

Lens diameter: 60mm

Field of View (degree): 12

Eye Relief: 12 mm

Exit Pupil: 5 mm

Diopter adjustment (dptr.): ±5

Resolution (lines per mm): 40

Minimum focusing distance: 5 m

Power supply: 3V

Battery Type: CR123A

Battery Life: 20 (with IR)/ 72 (without IR)

Tripod Mount (inch): 1/4

Dimensions (mm): 206x70x93

Weight: 0.66 kg


  • Good and robust processing.
  • Easy visual adjustment.
  • Affordable low price.


  • No external power connection.

Delivery and Packaging

If you buy your night vision monocular from a specialist shop, there will be no problems with the packaging and delivery times. But, some matters have to be taken into account when ordering in the online market.

The delivery times of the relevant online retailers vary between 2 to 14 days according to the availability in their stock. When delivered by the respective delivery service, the outer packaging has to be examined for damages. So that in the case of possible harm, including the products, claims for recourse can be tackled with success. Particularly in the case of stores who offer a gift package, the product is to be checked carefully, in order to ensure that the products have been fully packed during repackaging.

The Yukon night vision monocular NV 5x60 does not have an external power supply, so the unit is ready for operation after inserting the batteries. Diopters and visual acuity must be adjusted to use the Yukon NV 5×60. Then the device will be ready for use, and the action will begin.

In the Practical Test of The Yukon NV 5x60 Night Vision Review, we also ordered this night vision device from Yukon online for our field trial. The delivery time was 3 to 5 days, and the device reached us after 3 days.

When checking the outer packaging, we could not detect any damage. When unpacking, it was found that the night vision device was in optically perfect condition, the device was fully okay according to the scope of delivery.

In order to start up the device, only the battery had to be inserted, (unfortunately no external power supply available). The sharpness adjustment is very easy. The eyelids fit well to the face. With a weight of just 660 grams,.

yukon nv 5x60 night vision monocular review

The Yukon night vision unit NV 5x60 is very easy to handle and is well placed in the hand.


We took the first test in a semi-darkened room without IR lighting. The residual light amplification of the device proved to be effective even without IR light, and all the targeted objects were clearly visible.

We performed the test when it was dark in the evening in the outdoor area. There was no moonlight, so we turned on the IR light. The focus on the close range showed us that the manufacturer's stated 7 meters absolutely right. No tree, no shrub showed blurs.

For further distances, we put in the markings in advance. Our goal was to have objects in 100, 200, 300 and 350 meters distance. The Yukon night vision monocular NV 5×60 delivered clear, sharp images for the first three target points up to 300 meters.

However, the capacity of the device was exhausted when the last marking was 350 meters. Although the image is not entirely clear, you could still see the outlines.

Since this device is from the monocular class, it is a bit exhausting in the long run to look only with one eye. A change to the another eye can be done quickly if the dioptry number of both eyes is approximately the same. Otherwise, the device must be adjusted to the another eye.

The warranty provides the guaranty of the product. In the accessories, care and cleaning agents, as well as batteries, can be purchased at an extra charge.

Comparing to the similar Yukon Tracker NV 1×24 Night Vision Goggles, the Yukon Night Vision NV 5x60 tested by us scores good marks with its good and strong processing. The simple visual adjustment is great as well as the price is affordable.

What is in the Box

  • Yukon Night vision NV 5x60 Unit.
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Lens cloth
  • Warranty Card

Yukon NV 5x60 Night Vision Review - Watch the Video Below


The Yukon NV 5x60 Night Vision Review that we discussed above will help you to know details about the product. If you really do not need a high-tech device for your observations, this device is very well served.

One of the advantages of the Yukon NV 5x60 is the easy handling as well as the low price. As a disadvantage, the device has no external power connection, but that's not a big issue if you can take an extra battery with you.

However, anyone who always has a replacement battery in his pocket is on the safe side to use the device. The battery has a lifetime of 20 hours with IR illumination. The night is not that much longer, Is it? This device is to recommend without any issue.

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