Best Spotting Scope Under 200 Reviews 2018

best spotting scope under 200 dollars

A top-notch thing comes at best prices but that does not mean you have to pay a lot of fortune always.

We found many best spotting scopes under 200 which are not remarkable in performance but also good on toughness.

Affordability and quality both combine in this cost range and really great for any hunter, photographer and bird watcher. You can get a branded spotting scope with a solid foundation and well-function only with 200 bucks. Brands like, Celestron, Bushnell, Redfield, etc. offers many cool optics especially for people with limited budget.

You will happy to have the extra clarity from all these under $200 optics at work.

Review of Best spotting scopes under 200 Dollars

Spotting scopes are indeed expensive. But you could find some really efferent scopes in the budget if you know what feature you want most. Sorted by features, quality, and size one spotting scope can really give you the performance that you want.

Here are some cool spotting scopes under 200 for all-purpose usage.

Have a look below.

1. Barska WP Level Angled Spotting Scope

Color: Matt Black.

Field of view: 72.45/22 at 20X & 30.45/9.28 at 60X at 1000 yard.

Eye relief: 17 mm at 20X & 15 mm at 60X.

Exit pupil: [email protected], [email protected]

Included: Soft and hard carrying case, lens cover, pan head level tripod, etc.

Here is our first pick for best spotting scope under 200 dollars, the Barska WP Level Angled Spotting Scope. This is an unbeatable optics in this price range.

It’s an angled spotting scope and made for use both indoor and outdoor. This scope has completely multicoated optics and large (65mm) objective lens with 20-60x magnification adjustments. It shows you a crisp and clear view in the different location in different light condition.

Also, you can locate an object and see it closure with great details. The scope is specially designed to deliver a better performance while spot a target downrange or get a close-up view.

Barska WP has the nitrogen field fog-proof housing, thick rubber armor and built-in tripod mounting socket. It’s suitable to use underwater as well. So you can use it for mainline observation along with hunting, tracking, etc.

But it’s not fit for use with DSLR cameras because it’s a spotting scope so you need telephoto/zoom lens to use it with other devices of optics.

Best uses: Hunting, wildlife watching, picture shooting, astronomy and marine life watching.

Highlighted Features

  • This spotting scope is able to give low to highly stable and clear magnification from 20-60x.
  • Comes with 65mm multi-coated objective lens which good for seeing through low or high lights quite well.
  • The scope has got the total textured body of rubber which protects it for normal scratchers or pressure. But it’s not 100% shockproof.
  • Its built-in tripod mounting socket glare-reducing sunshade, ease to move around and let you focus more closely.
  • Completely waterproof and fog proof so you can use it for marine-life wildlife watching in any weather.
  • Much bigger field of view.
  • Brighter and clear optical performance.
  • Includes thick coating to protect the scope form shocks.
  • Large angled eye piece for comfortable spotting.
  • The tripod seems pretty cheap.
  • No vertical micro adjustment facility.



2. Celestron Ultima 80 20 to 60×80 Straight Spotting Scope

Color: Black & Army green (armor).

Magnification: 20-60x.

Eye relief: 18-15 mm.

Close focus distance: 26.2 mm.

Field of view: 105-52 at 1000 yard.

Included: objective cover, eyepiece cover, t-mount ring, carrying bag, pouch, cleaning cloth, etc.

Here is our second best spotting scope under 200 bucks, the Celestron Ultima 80 20 to 60×80. This a great economical spotting scope to get close to nature. It may not include in the least of professional top notch spotting scopes but surely it’s one of the best entry-level spotting scopes.

This one is not so heavy almost 5 pounds with additional carrying case. So you can easily take it on your hunting or shooting spots easily. And the good news is it’s suitable to use with DSLR Cameras and tripods.

It comes with high-quality multi-coated optics in a refractor design and rubber housing. It has straight eyepieces just like the usually spotting scopes. Some prefer angled eyepiece as they are easy to focus with. But don’t worry, straight eyepiece are not bad at focusing. You will feel full control and comfort while spotting a prey or look closer to a bird.

However, the Celestron Ultima 80 spotting scope is waterproof and good for using in wild. It has the sight tube and focuses dial so one focus on an object in no time. Beside its T- mount adapter, folding eye cups, tripod mounts etc. for effective usage.

Best uses: Starting hunting, birding, wildlife watching, etc. for a fast time.

Highlighted Features

  • The scope has multicoated lenses which ensure of bright, sharp view even in poor lighting condition.
  • Consist of T-mount adapter to connect DSLR cameras to your spotting scopes to capture unforgettable shoots.
  • For easy, sharp and quick focusing it has large dials which also good to use in low light condition.
  • Totally rugged with thick rubber exterior which provides protection against hard use in the field.
  • Waterproof and suitable to use in bad weather, on boating or kayaking.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Spots much quicker.
  • Well-built and durable.
  • Folding eyecups and waterproof.
  • Has slight degradation.
  • Narrow eye reliefs uncomfortable for those wear glass.



3. Celestron C90 Mak Spotting Scope

Color: Black

Magnification 39x.

Close focus distance: 15 ft.

Included: Backpack case, objective cover, cleaning cloth, etc.

So here is another great model of spotting scope that is ideal for almost all kind of viewing situations. You can use the Celestron 52268 C90 Mak Spotting scope for indoor photography or observation like wildlife observation near cottage, birding or astronomy.

Also, it is suitable to use while tracking or hunting on the mountain or in forest/desert. It comes with multi-coated lens and 39x magnification. It is made for providing razor sharp images over a wide area and it manages to give that service in pretty much all conditions.

The best spotting scope combine of mirrors and lens. It’s the folded optical system which has 1250mm focal length in the 1ft long body. This design allows the scope a high power view without track of chromatic aberration. It uses 1.25-inch eye-piece that use in astronomical telescopes.

It seems the Celestron model 52268 seems very strong and well built. Visually it’s quite appealing. It has got smooth and sleek black exterior which looks very nice. But the main beauty of the spotting scope is viewing quality it offers.

Best uses: Flexible for your astronomy, photography and hunting.

Highlighted Features

The scope comes with 90mm multicoated optics, 1250 mm focal length, 13.9/f focal ration and 15 ft near focus.

Includes 32 mm eyepiece, 8×21 Erect Image Find scope and 45-degree erect image diagonal. These features work for quick, clear and bright spotting and view.

The scope has got a highly versatile optical design which is sleek, smart, good for multiple applications and easy to use.

Designed with dovetail rail and threaded mounting pot (1/4-20) which easily fit for the camera and astronomical tripods.

Built-in T-adapter threads for ease of adapting SLR cameras.

  • Portable and compact in size.
  • Multicoated high powered optics.
  • Upgradable with 1.25” eyepiece.
  • Fit for use with SLR cameras.
  • Good option for beginners.
  • Don’t have waterproof feature.
  • Not good for using with light tripods.



4. Redfield Rampage 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope Kit

Color: Matt black.

Magnification: 20-60x.

Main focus: 19.8 ft.

Eye relief: 17~14 mm.

Field of view: 114~51 fat 100 yrd.

Included: Tripod soft storage case, lenses cover

When you need more magnification the clearly as well the Redfield Rampage 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope Kit is the best option to consider. This kit is portable and compact so suitable to carry anywhere. It’s around 5.5 lbs but overall easy to carry. It comes with a soft carrying case and covers for its optics to covey them safe and sound anyplace of world and wild.

The best spotting scope offers 20-60x magnifications with its multi-coated optics. With the high functionality, it also offers retractable lens shade to focus on the bright light condition or in the twilight. You will especially enjoy it while hunting, especially in this price point.

Many people it used on shooting fields for practicing. However, it offers a decent performance in the sector but it’s tough to see 7mm bullet holes at 100 yards most of the time.

This issue occurred on the seeing small object like bullets. But if you try it spotting a bull or bird it will be much ease to see through it.

Overall, its good buy for all-purpose serve, durable, and waterproof spotting scope of all time.

Best Uses: Good for birding, hunting, shooting practice, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • The BAK4 Prism system delivers crisp and clear image resolution in all kind of light condition.
  • The generous field of view (114 ft at 20x and 51 ft at 60x) to give a total view of a picture so you don’t miss your target ever.
  • Light but tough polycarbonate body which similar as bulletproof glass. So you can work with it standing up to even most risky zones.
  • The features like 6m min focus, 34.6~60 twilight factors, etc. allow a great view pint watching wildlife or in shooting training.
  • A generous field of view.
  • Top quality prism.
  • Polycarbonate rigid body.
  • Made in USA.
  • Not good for focusing on small objects at 200 yard.
  • Eye relief in max zoom is short.



5. Meade Instruments Wilderness Spotting Scope- 20-60×80-mm

Last but definitely not least, our final best spotting scope under 200 dollars is Meade Instruments 126001 Wilderness Spotting Scope. The scope has 20-60x magnification with the multi-coated lens. Surprisingly, the higher magnification of the scope is very clear and sharp.

Most of the cheap scopes in this magnification get hazy after 50x or over magnification. The spotting scope is up there with quality ED glass which makes the performance better with minimal aberration then usual scopes.

The spotting scope is specially made for watching birds, spotting an animal on hunting, etc. it’s not so good at astronomy. But you sure you can try rifle or pistol practicing. It’s good for spotting small objects in a decent light condition.

This best spotting scope features a high index BAK 4 prism, ultimate precision-ground lenses. The lenses are fully multicoated and covered with an anti-reflection coating. So you can work on the spot when the sun is fully up and bright in fronts of you.

It has 80 mm objective lenses, waterproof, fog-proof and nitrogen purged housing. The high power lens works for gather as much light as possible. As a result, this one is perfect for work with dusk and dawn easily.

It’s an angled spotting scope which makes the focusing lot easier. Unfortunately, it does not come with a tripod that other this range of scopes offers.

Best uses: For hunting, birding and shooting practice.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of top quality, zoom porro 20-60 power prism which gives you a better and clear view of all time.
  • For detail image, it has large 80 mm objective lens that gathers plenty of light and shows bright detailed images.
  • The scope features high index Bak-4 Prism and precision ground multi-layered lenses with anti-reflection coatings.
  • It has nitrogen purged housing which assures fog protection for many years of performance. Plus its moisture protected as well.
  • Good value for the quality and included accessories.
  • Light, well built, and easy to grip and hold the nice body.
  • Good for fast but overall clear target.
  • The adjustment knob is smooth and precise.
  • No target for the view finder.
  • Don’t come with a tripod.



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Factors To Consider While Purchase

When you are determining to buy a spotting scope the first thing you need to do is make a list of your “must have” and “special” requirement. Like, the must-have feature could be magnification, eyepiece, etc. The special requirement could be the size range, durability, weight, control features, etc.

However, here is some important feature that you should consider while selecting the best spotting scope under 200.

  • Magnification

Usually spotting scopes power is come between minimum 12x and maximum 250x. It’s better to find a scope with 60mm focal lens. High magnification devices are more reasonable in weight in this case. For more visibility in bad weather or low light-medium magnification is great though.

Adaptable magnification is good for focusing small to medium and large magnification. Once you find an object to focus properly you have the option to see it in mid to bigger power.  There are some optics with single or fixed-length eyepieces which can be interchangeable.

  • Eyepiece

No spotting scope can do better than its eyepiece, so the building of the eyepiece is vital, interchangeable eyepieces in particular. Detachable eyepieces that allow you to modify magnification range can be valuable, but such an attribute is likely to impair waterproofing, and it is expensive.

A well-constructed eyepiece is crucial to give you the best performance. Plus, if it’s interchangeable you will enjoy the facility most spotting scopes with interchangeable option offers modify magnification range. The features like weather and water shield will increase the versatility but it will make it expensive as well.

You can choose a straight eyepiece or angles one. Both are great but angles one is good when you’re trying to spot anything while sitting. The straight eyepiece is great for fast target though.  Also, pick exit pupil in 3-5 mm for a huge amount of light gathering. For eye-relief, 13-18 mm is an ideal choice.

  • Other things

Go for glass with higher quality. Many best spotting scope under 200 offers better quality grass which is fog-proof and shatter-proof. Also, see if your scope has prism-coatings. It might hard to find this feature in this budget but still, there is some. If you find any pick it without delay!

  • Size &Weight:  You don’t anything that causes trouble while tracking. It’s hard to bear bulky scopes outdoor. So, compact size is good for outside shooting.
  • Durability: For extreme durability rubber armored body is really a considerable option. Also, look for waterproofness, and fog-proof etc. features too.

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Final Verdict

It’s going to take an indolent brain and a good pair of eyes to mark a real spotting scope. There is a lot of option available in the market and maximum are very appealing. But don’t be a fool without look and descriptions.

Your main weapon is the research about the product both online and offline. Gather as much info as possible before finalizing anything. Also, customers review is a better platform to get a picture of an item.

However, along with other best spotting scope in here the Celestron 52268 C90 Mak Spotting scope is really a top pick for anyone. This best spotting scope under 200 offers great features and facility that anyone can ask for.

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