Best Cheap Binoculars Under 50 Dollars -Top 5 Affordable but worth binoculars

Best Cheap Binoculars Under 50 Dollars

Best cheap binoculars under 50 dollars are wise chose of all type of binocular users, in particular for the beginners. The reason is behind of choosing an expensive binocular is so many. As you know many people like to have this optical product while they are outside for hunting, birding, hiking, etc. this adventure may give you adrenaline exhilaration but cost you lots of money too. So, going for the most expensive binoculars is a bit tricky for a beginner to use. There is a chance to ruin the thing, and you can afford the damage if it’s more than 500 bucks.

So, only the beginner under or wildlife observer should try cheap rated binoculars?

Know some other people need them too. If you are like to watch concerts, or often goes out for sightseeing or even a year you can try these binoculars too. They are very useful for occasional use for different age of people. But only these few things are not enough to stratify a user. You may have a tight budget, but you would never prefer a binocular with single feature only for a little price. That is why we are here for you.

Top 10 Best Cheap Binoculars Under $50 in 2018

Model NameSize[email protected]Weight 
Celestron Outland X10x25mm330 ft0.69 lb
OutNowTech Ultra Compact10x25mm303 ft0.77 lb
Wingspan Optics SharpView8x40mm429 ft1.69 lbs
BuySevenSide HD20x50mm168 ft2.31 lbs
AVANTEK Binoculars10x50mm367 ft1.5 lbs
Bushnell Falcon10x50mm300 ft1.68 lbs
Bushnell Falcon 1334107x35mm400 ft1.32 lbs
Celestron Cometron7x50mm357 ft2 lbs
Bushnell Powerview10x25mm300 ft.54 lb
USCAMEL Pocket8x21mm430 ft.62 lb

Reviews of the Best Cheap Binoculars Under $50

If you look at the market, there are thousand inexpensive of binoculars available which are different in size, color, and features. So finding the perfect one is really tough and stressful sometimes. To make this process lot easier to you here we have sorted five best cheap binoculars under 50 dollars.

Each of the winner binoculars is perfect for using multi tasking and last for a long time. We select the lightweight and easy to use binoculars that are suitable to us different weather and place. However, no matter what sectors you belong or why you want a binocular you will find something that is particularly useful for hunting, sightseeing or a mix of all.

1. Bushnell Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars

Bushnell is a familiar brand name in binoculars, and they made quality binoculars in various range of price. That is why we selected the Bushnell 133450 Falcon 10×50 Wide Angle Binoculars as our best cheap binocular. This binocular offers large magnification in high price. It’s a versatile product which can be used for hunting, bird watching, Sports in the stadium and any other outdoor usage.

best cheap binoculars

It comes with 10x magnification along with 50 mm objective lens. You will get a 300 ft of a wide range of view with a powerful lens. Its Porro prism and coated lens offer more sharp and definite view which will make easier your work of observation. Also, has the light transmission capacity which allows the low light or bright light management so you can see well.

The binocular has strong body structure with the rubberized and abrasion resistant finish. The cover is thinly layered, but it’s ok with the work. An added feature of the binocular is its InstaFocus lever. It allows smoother operation while adjusting the magnification more or less. Furthermore, the binocular comes with eyecups, case, and neck straps.


  • Completely coated optics which provides excellent light transmission.
  • Well made and sturdy structure.
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Simple and quick focus paddle.


  • The outer case seems thin and cheap.
  • The lens cover does not fit so well.


Accept the con the actual operation of this binocular is really impressive the field of view, the magnification of the binoculars in this price range is totally outstanding. You can use them any work or takes that you do with your other expensive binocular. It may lack some especially features like them, but this small size and lightweight binoculars know its work very well.

2. Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Binoculars with Case

Here is another best binocular under 50 from Bushnell that case full range of view too. The Bushnell Falcon 133410 Binoculars with Case has 420 ft of field view at 100 yards which are more than we previously reviewed best cheap binocular for hunting.

It has 35 mm lens diameter with 7x magnification. This 7×35 combo feature can capture more light than your naked eye when you magnify the lens. That is why it not only shows you the stars in the night; it shows you the night sky in more details. Infect you will able to differentiate some start clusters and check out the features of the moon as well. This best binocular under 50 dollars is more good compare than other expensive ones.

best cheap binoculars for hunting

For closer view it has 20 ft close focusing distance which is suitable for hunting or wildlife watching. Also, its Instafocus system allows faster focus on moving objects even with small magnification capacity. That is why the binocular would perform well in watching sports, hunting, birding, etc.

For more comfortable usage of the binocular, it has a long eye relief with five-millimeter exit pupils. This 12 mm eye relief makes easier to see through the lenses for a long time with more concentration. Especially, glass wearer will find it more useful.


  • Great binocular for beginner hunters who are looking for quality and simple hunting binoculars.
  • Consist of fully coated Porro prism which gives clearer and sharper view.
  • A wide range of view field to track moving objects.
  • Non-slip rubber pads for secure grip in any weather conditions.


  • The shape of the binocular feels big.
  • The neck strap is bit flimsy.


Overall it’s the best affordable binocular that is suitable for using all type of observation works. If you don’t want to spend so much money on binoculars for the first time, you should definitely try this one.

Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Best Affordable Binoculars in Action – Watch the Video

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3. Celestron 71198 Cometron Binoculars

Here is another best cheap binocular under 50 dollars with light and compact design. The Celestron 71198 Cometron Binoculars has incredible light gathering capacity that could blow your mind. It has 50 mm objective lens along with 7x magnification.

These features bring celestial objects into bright, sharp focus which helps you to watch night sky better. Now you can enjoy mesmerizing swatches of the sky or pinpoint exactly the stars you want to see quickly more. Its wide field of view keeps the object in your sight regularly. So, watching stars, following shooting stars will be easier and enjoyable.

best binoculars under $50

You will use the binoculars for near sightseeing or hunting, fishing or for sports too. Like other cheap hunting binocular it doesn’t offer high magnification so you may not get that performance of detail edge view in woodland.

But its large objective lens with better light transmission full field of view you will get the appropriate vision of your prey. Besides, it will help you more when you need to track your object. It’s full views area and proper light supply allow better following even its dawn.

Furthermore, the binocular consist of rubberized aluminum housing really makes it durable and comfortable to hold. You will get a carrying case and neck straps for portability grab and go convenience.


  • Excellent for planetary viewing.
  • The binoculars are suitable for land base viewing too.
  • Shock proof rubber armor also very comfortable to use.
  • Could be attaching with tripod.


  • Feels little bulky.
  • Sometimes lenses don’t line up for an unrecognizable reason.


It’s a great binocular for a start gazing. If you are thinking it will be going you so many details of night stars, then you might little disappoint because it’s not going show you all the details like a telescope, but overall it’s great binocular for who have an interest in astronomy.

Celestron Cometron Best Binoculars Under 50 Dollars in Action – Watch the Video

4. Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular

Here is incredibly affordable binocular which has quality of brands like Bushnell. The Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular is best for all type of travelers, nature observer or concert goes. It’s main good for sightseeing. If you are thinking to work with serious work like hunting or birding, then it might disappoint you. But casual works it’s one of the best affordable binocular that you ever owned. This model has some different ranges and some color option too.

best cheap binoculars for under 50

It’s fully coated lenses are good for showing vibrant images in different light situations. Its BK 7 prism allow more depth and light transmission to create a more edgy view. This binocular has foldable eye cap and a slimmer body which easy to grab of keep in your bag or purse. Also, the blackish rubber armor of its external frame makes it’s more comfortable and secure though. It keeps the binoculars safe and ensures they can sustain active use.

This binocular comes with a carrying bag and neck straps for easy carrying. It doesn’t have the feature like water or fog protections, but still, it manages to survive in any condition. If you bit extra careful to keep the thing out of the water, it would stay good and well performative for a long time.


  • Covered with non-slip rubber armor which ideal for shock absorbance and firm grip.
  • Wide field of view along with roof prism system.
  • Good for showing a high-resolution image with clarity.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Not water or fog proof.
  • Don’t usable to your tripod.


Overall, it’s a best cheap binocular under $50 which perform well in your casual observation with a bright image with good color and contrast then it will be great to have. Besides, it has warranty coverage for almost forever.

Bushnell Powerview 10X25 Best Cheap Binoculars for Hunting in Action – Watch the Video

5. USCAMEL Folding Pocket Binoculars

If you are looking for any best cheap binoculars under $50 which is tiny in size, lightweight and sturdy then have a look at our next item. The USCAMEL Folding Pocket Binoculars is all anyone wishes for. Its very light has high-quality optics and fits comfortably into your pocket. It will fit into your palm like a Smartphone.

Only it will fill more flimsy than a Smartphone. The dimension of the binoculars is only 2.36×3.31×4.09 and weighs only .62 lbs. It may not well concert binoculars a hunting binocular especially if you always prefer futuristic binoculars or your fishing adventure. But still, it’s very useful when it comes to sports, wildlife watching, sightseeing, concerts or even bird watching.

best cheap binoculars under $50

Its dual focus system allows you to focus particularly on right eyepiece focus and middle lens focus. Besides it suitable for shake free more stabilized view. You will not get any advantage while you on moving vehicle but it do great when your hand is always shaking as it does naturally. Its glass lens has completely coated ultra-clear FMC broadband. Its adamant force transparent and high light transmittance. It helps to see you more clear images in different lights and shades.


  • Suitable for different conditions to see clearer and brighter image.
  • Provides 1000/6000 M field of view with 5M close focusing distance.
  • Comes with two color variations black and camouflage green.
  • Easily foldable eye relief for comfortable focusing.
  • Comes with a carrying case, lens cloth, and a lanyard.


  • It says, “Waterproof” but it’s not completely water or fog proof.
  • The neck straps are bit uncomfortable.

Overall this small binocular is great to have you need something compact in size and can serve you well in a different sector of observation. It’s sleek and smart in design and well performative that you use for light to medium tasks.

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Final Thoughts

Not all binoculars are high for its performance that it promises. It might be expensive and contain high features, but still, there is a chance to get low-quality binoculars. All these binoculars that we reviewed here are very cheap in price but not in quality. Many users what are fond of quality binoculars for various purposes like hunting, fishing, kayaking, etc. are rated or review them well. However, if you are a beginner or want something more, your casual works, fun or adventure than these best cheap binoculars under $50 can serve you as your expectations.

Best Cheap Binoculars Under 50 Dollars -Top 5 Affordable but worth binoculars
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