Best Image Stabilized Binoculars Reviews 2018 ( UPDATED Guide)

best image stabilized binoculars reviews

There is a lot you can achieve with the best image stabilized binoculars with this review, we plan to tell you everything you need to know about them. Generally, binoculars are optical devices that are used for the primary purpose of making objects bigger for closer observation.

The magnification power of binoculars differ and as a general rule with these wonderful gears, the more magnification you get, the more unstable the images become unless you are willing to use a tripod stand which doesn’t totally eliminate this problem.

Oh, you also get a lesser the field of view (FOV) with these high magnification devices. To counter this shaky image issue, manufacturers now incorporate an image stabilizer into certain models which compensates for shakes and offers sharper images. Renowned optical device developing company, Canon are one of the leading providers of image stabilized binoculars.

Here we bring you the best image stabilized binoculars review of the year 2018.

Keep reading to get all the helpful detail we have for you. While at it, take note of other key features to look out for in these splendid optical devices.

Top 10 Best Image Stabilized Binoculars 2018

Model NameSize[email protected]WeightDetails
Canon IS III12x36mm262.5 ft1.46 lbs
Carl Zeiss IS20x60mm156 ft10 lbs
Canon IS AW
(Editor's Choice)
18x50mm194 ft2.6 lbs
Canon IS Ultra Compact 10x30mm314 ft1.38 lbs
Nikon StabilEyes VR IS12x32mm262 ft2.49 lbs
Canon L IS10x42mm341.2 ft2.45 lbs
Canon IS Compact8x25mm346.5 ft1 lb
Canon IS II
(Editor's Choice)
10x30mm315 ft1.32 lbs
Fujinon Techno Stabi IS14x40mm210 ft4 lbs
Fujinon Techno Stabi JR IS12x32mm262.5 ft3.55 lbs

What is an Image Stabilizer Binoculars?

Image stabilized binoculars can be best compared with cameras that are equipped with an image stabilizer in the form of electronic sensors. This stabilizer eliminates all sorts of unwanted movements and thus guarantee a permanently stable image.

Experience reports show that such stabilizers reliably provide a sharp and clear image, particularly for models with a high magnification, which also allows people with shaky hands to comfortably use a high-magnification lens and fully enjoy the advantages which include;  a stable image and a larger field of view.

Image stabilized binoculars are therefore particularly advisable if a glass with a high magnification is to be used over a longer period without attaching it to a tripod. The use of a tripod is not always appropriate in observing wild animals, cultural or sporting event since rapid movements cannot be adequately focused.

Furthermore, the act of carrying and installing additional equipment isn’t always possible in all environments. This is why robust image stabilized binoculars are of an invaluable importance.

Thanks to these additional features, the images are zoomed to seem very close while maintaining an astonishing level of sharpness for the maximum satisfaction of the viewer.

Advantages of using the Best Image Stabilized Binoculars

Binoculars are hand-held tools and which means you can’t totally overrule the possibility of images that are a little shaky. This is especially the case when you use it for a longer period while observing the stars or following a sports event. The result is not always satisfactory.

When an image is stabilized, it is sharper, clearer, and more contrasting than usual. Special devices to fix the binoculars are available on the market but are usually difficult and bulky. In addition, you might need to use your binocular from a fixed spot when using such accessories since you have to set up at a certain location.

An image stabilizer is therefore a more practical choice since the improved image can be obtained without the need to carry any extra weight.

In addition to the improved image quality, the use is also significantly more pleasant, since you can get headaches even from the slightest image movements. The effect is similar to a computer screen with low resolution – anyone who stares for a long time will inevitably feel uncomfortable.

So if you want to use binoculars over a longer period of time, then buying the best image stabilized binoculars will be a great choice.

Image stabilized binoculars offer a great difference in quality, even in low-cost models. Canon offers, for example, binoculars which are especially suitable for following a Formula 1 event. A magnification of 8x is sufficient since there is an increased field of view.

This larger field of view makes it possible to track the cars for longer periods even while they are moving along the track at great speeds, and you have enough magnification to see everything.

Disadvantages of Image Stabilized Binoculars

Image stabilizers, unfortunately, take up extra space and make the binoculars heavier. A slightly larger and heavier binoculars may decrease the level of usage comfort and may not fit into simple bags. In addition, the models with image stabilizer are also more sensitive to impacts in the event of an accidental drop.

This problem can be solved, however, by buying an additional protective cover, which you can always count on to prevent damage to your binoculars. Always check the binoculars extensively before you make a decision to buy one. Ergonomics is very important and can be very different. Ergonomic binoculars can compensate for the additional weight even during long periods of use.

The price is, of course, higher than regular binoculars. Additional features and technology and the fact that these binoculars are still very new in the market are the reasons for the higher price. However, there is also a very wide price range, and it is possible to find the right image stabilized binoculars for almost every reasonable budget.

In addition, image stabilized binoculars need batteries, and therefore you should ensure you always have spare batteries. In most cases, the stabilizer is a function that can be activated at the push of a button, so this features requires electrical energy for its proper functioning.

Even if the batteries are empty, you can still use your binoculars. In this case, however, you must do without the functions of the image stabilizer. We recommend that you get high-quality rechargeable batteries – with these batteries you can enjoy the stabilizer effects for much longer.

Things to consider before buying Best Image Stabilized Binoculars.

An image stabilized binocular is particularly suitable for observations while on shaky platforms such as a moving boat, yacht, car, or while you’re on a Safari tour.  Observing moving objects also becomes more comfortable and easier with binoculars having an image stabilizer. For example you can enjoy watching animals while hiking using binoculars and also follow sporting and racing events closely and clearly.

Another reason to use image stabilized binoculars is the close-up zoom feature. The closer you get to an object, the more blurred the picture appears in binoculars, binoculars eliminate this effect. Hence, you can use the image stabilizer to observe stars, birds and shy wild animals.

Binoculars are available in very different price categories. However, a more expensive model is characterized by a higher magnification factor.

Furthermore, image stabilized binoculars which gives sharp pictures and a precise color reproduction are always great companions. There are other quality features of a binocular to be taken into consideration.

These features include; the compactness, light weight, easy handling and the availability of a rubber coating to protect you from disturbing effects of light.

Finally, before you buy an image stabilized binoculars, you should pay attention to its tolerance at temperature extremes and dampness as well as functions such as diopter adjustment, focus, the center of gravity and the adjustment of the eye distance.

Top 5 Recommended Best Image Stabilized Binoculars

1. Canon 12×36 IS Image Stabilized III Binoculars

The Canon 12×36 IS image stabilized III binocular is a powerful binoculars and it is one of the most sought-after models in this category. The 12x magnification can be difficult to handle with a normal binoculars with the hand, but this is not the case with this Canon binocular.

An image stabilizer ensures that you have a stable picture in every situation. With the Canon Super Spectra coating, high-resolution images are achieved with this binoculars.

The very reliable image stabilizer and the 12x magnification this powerful binoculars offer makes them ideal for bird watching, and you can observe using these binoculars from a distant location. This canon binocular is also suitable for enjoying sporting activities in a stadium.

canon 12x36 is iii binoculars review


The high-quality image stabilizer even allows users to view crystal clear images even when observing from moving vehicles. Compared to the predecessor model, the power consumption has been highly improved. One set of batteries allows up to 9 hours of operation.

The Canon binoculars are very comfortable and a rubber armoring on the case offers an optimal grip, which makes using these binoculars even more enjoyable. The button for the stabilizer as well as the focusing wheel centrally is located in the middle so that you can make quick and easy operations with fingers from both hands.

Of course, Canon’s precision optics are also used, the images are extremely high resolution. The lenses are equipped with the Super Spectra coating, which prevents unwanted reflections and stray light. In addition, the picture is very lively and, above all, very color-true.

Highlight Features:

  • Easy handling.
  • Dimensions:  127 x 70 x 174 mm
  • Weight: 660 g
  • Porro prisms II
  • Close Focusing distance: 6 m
  • Field of view @1000 m: approx. 87.5 m
  • Power supply of the image stabilizer: 2 mignon cells
  • Image stabilizer runs for up to 9 hours.
  • Super Spectra compensation.
  • Very powerful.
  • Very quiet picture frame.


Canon binoculars have always proven to be optimal solutions for anyone looking for binoculars with an image stabilizer. Thanks to its comfortable design and lightweight, these binoculars are even more fun to use. And the image quality is always outstanding.

Only the Canon 12×36 IS III binocular is not water resistant, when compared to the larger models from the AW and WP series. Though the water-resistant models are also much more expensive.

In summary, you simply can’t go wrong with these binoculars are exciting to use and offer very pleasant viewing experience.

2. Canon Binoculars 18×50 IS AW (all-weather binoculars) – best image stabilized binoculars for astronomy.

The Canon 18×50 IS image stabilized AW is a pair of binoculars with image stabilizer which belongs to the premier class of image stabilized binoculars. The strengths of this model is more evident in the brilliant image quality the processing unit offers.

Thus, this Canon binocular has earned the reputation of being “all-weather binoculars.” The robust build and strong rubber armoring keep the binoculars looking their best always.

These Canon binoculars with an image stabilizer come with an 18x magnification, with which you can observe every little detail closely. Thanks to the precise image stabilizer, it is possible to enjoy crisp, sharp images without wobbling even with this high magnification, without using a tripod.

canon 18x50 is binoculars review


Thanks to Canon’s precision optics, the binoculars also feature a UD lens, which stands for ultra-low dispersion and reduces any aberrations in the images produced. In addition, a Super Spectra coating is present in these image stabilized binoculars which ensures razor-sharp and high-contrast images, with precise colors.

Thanks to the robust construction and the very strong rubber armor, the Canon binoculars can also be used in harsh weather conditions. So this model is particularly advantageous if you are looking for a pair of imaged stabilized binoculars for rugged and intensive use.

The model’s image stabilizer is high quality as is the case with other models from the renowned brand; Canon. This ensures a particularly stable image by compensating for any unwanted image movement.

A small disadvantage of the Canon 18×50 IS all-weather binoculars is the rather low durability of the batteries, which lasts for up to 2.5 hours which isn’t very reliable when compared with those of the Canon 12×36 IS III which last for up to 9 hours.

However, this reduced battery time is because the image stabilizer of the Canon 18×50 IS binocular is of an extremely high quality. So, a replacement battery pack should always be included and the using rechargeable batteries can be very helpful.

Highlight Features:

  • Ideal for intensive use.
  • Very robust construction.
  • Dimensions: 152 x 193 x 81 mm
  • Weight: 1180 g  (without batteries)
  • Field of view @1000 m: 65 m
  • Exit pupil: 15 mm
  • Porro prisms II
  • Power supply: 2 mignon cells
  • Water-repellent: splash-proof
  • Super Spectra compensation.
  • Powerful optics and image stabilizer.
  • All-weather binoculars.


If you are looking for an image stabilized binocular for astronomy with a high magnification power for intensive use, then the Canon 18×50 IS AW is the right choice. The sturdy construction allows users to enjoy these binoculars even in the harshest conditions and thanks to the image stabilizer; the high 18x magnification is not an obstacle, so a tripod does not even need to be used. Overall, the Canon binoculars are absolutely well worth the price!

3. Canon 10×30 IS Image Stabilized II Binoculars – best image stabilized binoculars for birding.

The Canon 10×30 image stabilized binoculars comes with a 10x magnification and a lens diameter of 30 mm. Thanks to these values, it is quite handy, compact and lighter than the Canon 12×36 IS III. Also, the lower magnification offers a higher field of view which allows users to explore landscapes optimally.

Because the binocular is so compact, it is ideal for travel, sporting events and for bird watching.

canon 10x30 is ii binoculars review


The Canon Image Stabilizer binoculars are ideal for traveling, as they can be stowed quickly and comfortably without taking up much space due to their compact and handy dimensions. Also, these binoculars are ideal for bird watching for bird watching because with the large field of view which ranges from 105 m to 1000 m, the entire landscape can be perfectly scanned. With a 10x magnification, birds and other objects can be observed closely in detail.

The image stabilizer is activated simply by pressing a button and it is powered by 2 charged batteries which last for up to 9 hours. As usual with Canon, Canon’s precision optics are also used in the 10×30 IS II. This precision coupled with the Super Spectra coating, enables the binoculars to deliver vivid and lively high-resolution images. Overall, this model differs only slightly with the Canon 12×36 IS III, which is of a higher price.

Highlight Features:

  • Magnification: 10x
  • Lens diameter: 30 mm
  • Dimensions: 127 x 150 x 70 mm
  • Weight: 600 g
  • Field of view @1000 m: 105 m
  • Porro prisms II
  • Super Spectra Remuneration
  • Power supply: 2 mignon cells


This binocular with an image stabilizer is ideal for anyone looking for a compact binoculars for travel, bird watching or sporting events. Thanks to its compact and handy design, the model can be taken everywhere with ease, and it always promises a smooth and steady use in all situation.

4. Canon 10×30 IS Ultra-Compact Binoculars

The Canon 10×30  IS image stabilized Ultra-Compact Binoculars magnifies the image to be observed up to ten times. The Porro prisms binoculars give a contrast-rich image with sharpness up to all the edges of the picture. Binoculars of lesser quality often lack sharpness, especially at the edges. However, the human eye balances this deficiency in the brain and sends sharp images to the receiver. This can make the eye and brain very fatigued. You would better notice the difference only when you directly compare binoculars of different qualities.

best image stabilized binoculars



This image stabilized binoculars from Canon don’t tire your eyes. It is also very light and compact. The handle is rubber coated and comfortable to hold. As a result, you can use the binoculars continuously for several minutes with maximum ease; no strain on your wrist or eyes.

This image stabilized binoculars from canon are also delivered together with a practical and elegant black bag and a carrying strap. The bag protects the binoculars from bumps, scratches, dust, and moisture. Also, the actual material these binoculars are made of; a mixture of metal and high-quality plastic protects the binocular from shocks and weather fluctuations.

Finally, you can use the automatic image stabilizer to prevent wobbles. The push button for switching on the stabilizer is located in the center of the binocular so that it can be easily operated by both right and left-handed users. The button is prominent enough to be pressed effortlessly even with gloves. Furthermore, the stabilizer is powered by two AA batteries, which have a running time of up to 9 hours.

Highlight Features:

  • Exit Pupil: 3 mm
  • Dimensions:5.9 x 5 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight : 1.38 pounds
  • Actual field of view: 6 °
  • Apparent field of view: 60 °
  • High-contrast image.


The Canon image stabilized binoculars 10×30  IS are ideal for hiking, nature observation and for use at sport events. It is sturdy but extremely handy. It is also portable enough to be stored conveniently in pockets. For a small binocular with an image stabilizer, it has an exceptionally good image resolution and sharpness.

The binoculars guarantee a tenfold magnification. Due to the stable image as a result of the stabilizer, it also provides a large image field. There is also a practical bag for your excursions into nature. These image stabilized binoculars will not tire your eyes and arms even after prolonged use.

5. Canon 8×25 IS Binoculars – best image stabilized binoculars for boating.

The Canon 8×25  IS image stabilized binoculars are even more handy and lighter than the model discussed above. Therefore, it is ideal for travel and events. It is also very often used by photographers. Due to the fact that the optical instrument often occupy a lot of luggage space and are weighty, a smaller and more compact binocular with image stabilizer is always preferred.

canon 8x25 is image stabilized binoculars review


A total weight of only 490g is one of the key features pronouncing the quality of these binoculars. The binoculars have a high resolution. Thanks to the incorporated image stabilizer, the image is not only free from movements but also color errors. As a result, you can observe your target object at eight times magnification.

In addition, the 8×25 IS binoculars with image stabilizer are powered by a single lithium battery. At least this will last up to 6 hours, and the binoculars have battery status displayed by the means of an LED screen.

The battery aside, a pocket for the protection of the binoculars, a carrying strap and a cleaning cloth, are other components included in the package you receive after purchasing the binoculars.

Furthermore, these image stabilized binoculars are coated with rubber at important points which allows for non-slip handling. The finish is carefully done so these binoculars are also rounded at edges.

The manufacturing company; Canon used environmentally-friendly materials for making these binoculars, for example, the lens is completely made of lead-free glass.

Furthermore, the sharpness of the image produced by image stabilized binoculars can be adjusted manually. An adjustable ring is also available for dioptric correction. Light often has a different refractive power in the right eye from that in the left eye. You can adjust this manually using the diopter compensation.

Highlight Features:

  • Weight: 490 g (without batteries)
  • Dimensions: 119.7×137.2×61.2 mm
  • Battery: 1 lithium battery
  • Battery level indication by LED
  • High resolution and precise color reproduction.
  • Manual focus adjustment.
  • Ring for diopter correction.


This best image stabilized binoculars 8×25 has received very good reviews. Although it is smaller and lighter than other binoculars from Canon, both models are of identical qualities. Canon relies on proper manufacturing processes and modern technique in the production of all binoculars.

Overall, the Canon 8×25  IS is a very affordable and practical binocular with an image stabilizer, suitable for several purposes especially while traveling, boating. The battery for image stabilization has a long life and works flawlessly at the push of a button. Also, you can adjust the sharpness manually to enjoy high-resolution images.

Why should you Buy Image Stabilized Binoculars?

With your pair of binoculars, you can observe the vastness of nature at a very close range. So why do you need a pair of binoculars with an image stabilizer?

If you have a bit of experience with binoculars, then you already know how much the images can wobble. While some passionate observers use a tripod stand to try and control this, most others prefer a hands-free use of these very amazing devices.

Though your eye may send these shaky images from a pair of binocular straight to the brain, the brain processes it and sends back stable pictures. Prolonged use of a binocular that produces shaky images may hurt your eyes and you may have a headache.

This can easily be avoided by using an image stabilizer. Some binoculars come with built-in image stabilization is optional and can be powered by batteries. However, when the batteries run down, the binoculars work like a normal binoculars.

Who are image stabilized binoculars suitable meant for?

Among the wide range of individuals who require image stabilized binoculars are: ornithologists who need to use binoculars or spectroscopes for long periods to observe birds, hunters for focusing on wild animals, researchers to observe living creatures in their natural environment and other professionals such as policemen.

If binoculars are held for a long period of time, muscles can get fatigued even with lightweight models, which could make the hand wielding the binocular to shake and make images blurry. Once this occurs, the desired result is no longer achievable due to observational distortions.

Furthermore, a permanently blurred image can also lead to an overexertion of the eyes while trying to compensate for the deficiencies. This could potentially cause headaches.

Experience reports show that a binocular with image stabilizer can prevent these phenomena by permanently stabilizing images of objects under observation. Even people who spend their leisure time using binoculars for long periods, such as hobby rhetoricians or people who are enthusiastic about astronomy, have very good experiences with image-stabilized binoculars.

Experience reports also show that even people with health problems can profit from such a device. Due to illness or age, there may be involuntary muscle twitching or trembling in the limbs.

Using image stabilized binoculars, such people can obtain clear images, a feat they wouldn’t be able to achieve normally due to their limitations.

Best Image Stabilized Binoculars Reviews in Video


High magnification binoculars are great for a lot of purposes ranging from professional uses like astronomical applications to fun hobbies like bird viewing and nature exploration. Whatever you might need a binocular for, it should be able to offer you crystal images that are very stable despite your apparent movements or vibrations caused by using your device from a moving vehicle.

For this reason, Canon has developed a series of high quality binoculars with an image stabilizer. We hope you enjoyed every bit of this best image stabilized binoculars review. Be sure to put the vital information about the models reviewed to good use if you ever decide to purchase one of the best image stabilized binoculars.

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