Best Spotting Scope for 1000 Yards in 2018

best 1000 yard spotting scope

Have you been thinking of purchasing one of the best spotting scope for 1000 yards but don’t even know where to start? There are so many different acronyms, terminologies and specifications  that can make things confusing especially for those without much experience. These are not hard to understand and knowing will make you a better-equipped buyer and improve your chances of making a great investment. In addition to brief explanations of the features to look out for, we’ve also compiled a list of recommended spotting scopes that wouldn’t disappoint you.

Top 10 Picks of the Best Spotting Scope for 1000 Yards in 2018

Model NameSize (mm)[email protected]Weight 
Vortex Razor HD20-60x85117-60 ft4.1 lbs
Vortex Optics Diamondback20-60x80105-51 ft2.9 lbs
Vanguard Endeavor HD20-60x82110-52 ft3.99 lbs
Gosky Porro Prism20-60x80115.2-57.6 ft4.5 lbs
Vortex Optics Viper HD20-60x80110-50 ft5.5 lbs
Leupold SX-1 Ventana20-60x8089 - 47 ft2.31 lbs
ENKEEO Waterproof20-60x60134-69 ft1.41 lbs
Tasco World Class Zoom20-60x6081-51 ft 2.58 lbs
BARSKA Colorado30-90x9078-40.2 ft3 lbs
Orion 52205 GrandView16-48x65-2.7 lbs

What to Look for Before Buying Best Spotting Scope for 1000 Yards

  • Magnification

The magnification is an important feature to consider when buying a spotting scope. For long range shooting up to 1000 yards or more, the minimum magnification should be at least 16x. For hunters, however, the value should be slightly lesser to enable you target games that appear within 25 to 30 yards. But this review is for long-range viewing and high quality super powered scopes would be our go to.

  • Objective Size

The size of the objectives contributes to the light gathering ability and transmittance of the scope. This is the reason why most people opt for larger lenses. The only issue is that with very large objectives, you might need to invest in a higher mount. The best long-range spotting scopes should have objective diameter values between 40m and 100 mm.

  • Glass quality and coating

The importance of quality glasses cannot be overemphasized for long range spotting scopes. Clear and very sharp glasses enable users to see vivid images at all magnification levels. This enables you to study the wind behavior at such distant locations and makes shooting practices and hunting much more fun and productive. Bak4 prisms perform better than Bak-7 prisms and you’d also be more impressed with a spotting scope that has fully multi-coated optics.

  • Scope design and construction

The best spotting scope for 1000 yards must be made of high end materials preferably aircraft grade aluminum which is durable and lightweight. A single piece scope design is also preferred as this improves the ease of use and precision of the scope.

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Spotting Scope for 1000 Yards in 2018

1. Vortex Optics DBK-80S1 Diamondback 20-60×80 Straight Spotting Scope

what is the best 1000 yard spotting scope

At the top of the list is the Vortex Optics Diamondback 20-60×80 straight spotting scope which is of outstanding quality and constructed with affordability in mind. You can choose between the straight or angled eyepiece designs both of which are sleek and very comfortable to use and ergonomically friendly.

Light transmission and reflectivity are improved by the full multi-coating of the lenses and the dielectric coating on the BaK-4 Porro prism which are superior to BaK-7 variants. The 20-60x magnification range provides fine details of very distant objects and the scope has an ultimate light gathering ability due to its large 80 mm objectives.

No terrain or weather is too harsh for this marvel as it is fully waterproof and fog proof.

Vortex is popular in the US, it’s a leading optical device manufacturer and you can’t do any wrong with this excellent blend of affordability and functionality.


  •   Excellent quality and durability
  •   Completely weatherproof
  •   Great price for all the awesome features.
  •   VIP lifetime warranty
  •   Very easy to focus.
  • Images slightly lose their clarity at magnifications above 40x.

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2. Gosky 20-60X 80 Porro Prism Spotting Scope

good spotting scope for 1000 yards

This all-weather 20-60×80 spotting scope fully deserves its place on this list. If you need a good spotting scope for 1000 yards that is able to provide you with clear and bright imaged at all time, then this is one to consider.

The scope is fully protected from shock and scratches by the rubber armor and it is also fully water and fog proof. The green film objective is fully multicoated for a great level of light transmission. The quality prism improves the color reproduction and sharpness of your views.

The focusing system is smooth and dynamic but also firm enough to prevent unintentional adjustments. The scope is both tripod and cell phone adaptable. A stretchable eyepiece shield does a great job of protecting the eyepiece. Included in the delivery package are the scope itself, lens and eyepiece covers, straps and a soft cleaning cloth and a carrying case.

The field of view ranges from 115.2.-57.6ft at 1000 yds depending on the zoom level the device is set to.


  • Great value for money
  • Fully multi-coated optics.
  • Very impressive optics
  • Waterproof and fog-proof
  • Cell phone adaptable.
  • Included tripod stand is not of great quality but the scopes mount well on most standard sized tripods.

3. Leupold SX-1 Ventana 20-60 x 80mm Spotting Scope

best spotting scope for 1000 yard shooting

I’ve been fortunate to use a number of Leupold optics and I know their glasses deliver outstanding imaging performances; that of this spotting 20-60×80 is no different.

The housing of the scope is fully armored for secure handling and protection against dents and scratches. The scope is also fully O-ring sealed to make it waterproof and nitrogen purged, so you never have to worry about internal fogging of the optics.

The light gathering ability of the device is as impressive as the first two and you can use it in the early morning hours and late evenings when there isn’t much light. This spotting scope is ideal for a wide number of outdoor activities including wildlife observation and for stalking distant games while hunting.

The eyecups are foldable and the lens shades are retractable; a feature that’s very helpful when the sun is too bright.


  • Great ability to gather light.
  • Good quality images
  • Highly versatile
  • Suitable for all terrains and weather.
  • Built to last.
  • The spotting scope is quite heavy mostly due to the huge objectives.

4. Tasco World Class 20-60×80 Zoom Waterproof/Fogproof Spotting Scope

best 1000 yard spotting scope

The Tasco 20×60 spotting scope is exactly what its name says it is “World Class.” Its gorgeous straight design is a sight to behold and it’s equally durable.

You won’t have to worry about fog or rain because the device is fog proof and waterproof like the other scopes discussed above. It’s no news that images get blurry at higher magnification levels but the quality optics performs impressively in this regards.

The outstanding optics is fully multicoated and offers you crisp and clear images every time you wish to view your target. Nobody wants to purchase a long range scope that doesn’t offer much at 600-1000 yds. But you can rest assured that this quality scope wouldn’t disappoint.

The scope comes with a stand for increased stability and enables users to take pictures using their cell phones.


  • Fully multicoated lenses
  • Gorgeous and durable design.
  • HD clarity views
  • Ideal for several outdoor activities.
  • Waterproof and fog-proof.
  • Lots of complaints about the quality of the included tripod.

5. BARSKA 30-90×90 Colorado Waterproof Spotting Scope

best spotting scope for 1000 yards

End the frustration of not hitting the target with this 30-90×90 spotting scope from one of the optical big boys; BARSKA. Yes, it’s beautiful but that’s not all it is about.

The image contrast is so good it makes your target stand out from the background and hence improves your precision. The claim that it is waterproof and fog proof isn’t just a plot to improve sales; these features really work and are achieved with the aid of O-ring seals and a nitrogen purging.

The dimensions of 4.5 inches x 4-inches x 21-inches and an entire weight of 3.1 pounds don’t make this the lightest scope on the market.

It is one of the best spotting scopes for 1000 yards shooting and can also be used for appreciating the beauty of the great outdoors.


  • Customers are impressed with the great overall quality.
  • Good choice for range shooting, hunting and lots of other outdoor activities and even astronomy.
  • High performing optics.
  • Excellent ergonomics and sleek design.
  • You might need to get a new stand for the scope due to its weight.

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What is the best 1000 yard spotting scope?


Not all scopes will serve you the way you want especially for viewing targets that are as far as 1000 yards away. The scopes on our list are not perfect but they will get the job done. Scopes need larger and more powerful lenses to reach much farther than binoculars. This is why most of them are heavy but most models come with a tripod.

The quality of the stand isn’t always great and it might be wise to invest in one. Imaging performance at very high magnification levels can be disappointing if you don’t buy wisely. Make your next investment an amazing one with one of the devices on our list of the best spotting scope for 1000 yards.

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