Best Spotting Scope Tripod Reviews For Different Usage in 2018

best spotting scope tripod reviews

Having the best spotting scope tripod with an ultimate spotting scope will save your day.

As a hunter or a bird watcher you don’t need to sit on a spot for all day long. No need to look through your scope looking for the target and hold it with hands.

To save your time, hassle and energy there are lots of tripods available in the market. They offer great versatility so you can use them with scope, camera or even with the smartphone. Beside these tripods are good for a set on a different angle or viewpoint.  So beginners to professionals anyone can have

8 Best Spotting Scope Tripod Reviews For 2018

We tried and tested some cook tripod that suitable for a different purpose but best compatible with spotting scopes. Here given eight best spotting scope tripod for you. Have a look below.

1. Vortex Optics Pro GT Tripod

Color: Black

Extends & Folds Down:  67.1 & 24.6 inches

Dimensions: 12 H x 6 W x 6.5 D inches

Included: 3-way pinhead, quick release box, carry case, etc.

At the top of the best spotting scope tripod list, we have Vortex Optics Pro GT. It’s excellent quality tripod that anyone can ask for. This tripod is suitable for your massive scope to DSLR or cam recorder.

It’s simple to use and adjust just after a couple of practice. The included tilt head of this full-size tripod has quite a thing. It’s very durable, smooth and stable. Which allow you to adjust the scope tight and securely?

Highlighted Features

  • Smart and ergonomic designs to handles any conditions only give for reliable performance.
  • Steady and even anodized legs along with rugged triple- way quick releases pan head to deliver smooth and sturdy support for optics.
  • Suitable to use with DSLR cameras or video cameras if you wish too including the scope.
  • It’s a good option for a pro to beginner all, especially who wants a lifelong tripod for use.
  • Best uses:  Highly recommended for those whose working range is 85mm or below.
  • Simple and straightforward built-in tripod.
  • Flexible, smooth but firm tilt Head (3 ways).
  • Can handle maximum 10 lbs spotting scopes.
  • Usable while sitting or standing up.
  • The price range of the tripod is little high.
  • It’s quite bulky.



2. Bushnell 784030 Advanced Tripod

Color: Black

Max height (with & without column extended): 61 & 50.3 inches.

Dimensions: 4 H x 21 W x 4 D inches

Leg log type– Wing.

The second best spotting scope tripod of our list is Bushnell 784030 Advance. This one is very stable and durable tripod come at an affordable price. The weight of the tripod may not be so light for back carrying, but this pressure is giving it a straight to place without shaking.

You can use it standing or sitting down however you like to do. It’s 360-degree rotatable and extendable to 18-61 inches without any problem.

Highlighted Features

  • This spotting scope tripod is suitable for shake-free stunning HD clarity view in all conditions.
  • It spins 360 degrees to adjust on different angle very quickly.
  • It’s suitable for binoculars, camcorders, Scopes and SLR cameras.
  • Includes stable and durable aluminum legs which are individually adjustable to different height and angles.
  • Those stands are also cushioned to add comfort in extreme cold or hot weather.
  • Includes a slicing center column with tension control adjustable from 18.3 or 61 inches.

Best uses: It’s best suitable for hunting, birding and or anything you wish to do.

  • Fit to handle all spotting scopes (max load of 11 lbs).
  • You can use it either sitting down or while standing up.
  • 3-way pan or tilt head with the large mounting platform.
  • Beautiful design and durable structure built to last.
  • Don’t offer quick release.
  • The tripod is heavy.



3. BARSKA Deluxe Tripod Extendable to 63.4″

Color: Mix (black & silver)

Extends & Folds Down:  63.4 & 26.6 inches.

Dimensions: 5 H x 5 W x 63.4 D inches

Weight- 6 lbs.

The third best spotting scope tripod on our review list is BARSKA Deluxe Tripod. This extendable tripod is excellent for working with large spotting scopes, telescopes, and hunting binoculars.

It comes with an accessory hook which helps to stabilize the tripod in lousy weather like, windy condition. It has two pan head, adjustable tilt, and pan which have a standard platform to secure the device and gives you easy control.

Highlighted Features

  • Robust, stable and beautiful construction mixing of black and silver color.
  • Included two-way fluid head with easy and fast release platform which suitable for pretty much fast adjustment or control.
  • Very sturdy tripod and fit for handled 14-20 lbs of binoculars, cameras or spotting scope.
  • Very easy to set up, break down and the adjusting system is not so complicated like other tripods.
  • Expandable just like other high-quality tripods min 26.6 to 63.4 inches. This covers a right amount of height and views for work.

Best uses:  Fit for birding, hunting, stargazing or shooting on wild.

  • Simple and straightforward built-in tripod.
  • Flexible, smooth but powerful tilt Head (2 ways).
  • Can handle maximum 10 lbs spotting scopes.
  • Usable while sitting or standing up.
  • Very affordable pricing.
  • Included flimsy plastic gear on locking.
  • The image in higher magnification could have shaky.



4. Alpen Optics Micro-Adjustable Table Top Tripod

Color: Black

Dimensions: 14 H x 5 W x 4 D inches

Adjustable from: 10-13 inches. 
Adjusting option: Windage & Elevation.

In our previous two best spotting scope tripod we discuss full tripods, but Alpen Optics Micro Adjustable tripod is different from them. It’s a table tripod which looks nice, light and comes with a very decent price.

If you are looking for a quality table tripod, then this one is good to consider.

It offers quickly adjustable knob for fast and speedy target accusation. Also, it’s adjustable for windage and elevation mode. You can use it with your standard size of cameras, spotting optics, SLR, DSLR, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • This is a table tripod with a micro-adjusting system for all standard spotting scopes and cameras.
  • You can adjust it tall from 10 to 13 inches and more than 16 inches with legs bunched.
  • Complete black aluminum body sturdy construction which good for using different locations.
  • Comes with quickly adjustable knobs for quick target achievement compare than other scoping tripod.
  • Offers two excellent tuning adjustment choices for elevation and windage for finding suitable view and angle.

Best Uses:  Good for using max lances aimed at birding or hunting view.

  • The tripod is very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Excellent for use with DSL and any reasonable size lens.
  • Micro adjustments for use at the range.
  • Suitable for use while sitting down.
  • Very cheap in price.
  • Bit wobbly due to its weight.
  • Less durable.



5. Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit

Color: Black

Extends & Folds Down:  64 & 24.7 inches
Dimensions: 5.1 H x 26.7 W x 4.7 D inches

Included: 3SBH-100 fluid-like ball head, ISSL central column, and removing hook for hanging camera accessories.

Here is one of the best spotting scope tripods that are most flexible and versatile tripod for any professional. The Vanguard Alta Pro 264AB is specially made for photography works, but you can use it for another purpose like birding, hunting, etc. It’s a stable easy to adjust in all possible angle tripods for great shooting.

Its unique features like a multi-angle central column or MACC system, swivel stop-n- lock system, magnesium die-cast canopy, quick-flip leg lock, non-slip feet. 3- Different angles etc. are a most mentionable thing while saying about the tripod.

Highlighted Features

  • The tripods include smooth ball head rotates 360-degrees and consist a fast release plate and bubble levels.
  • Its four section 26mm aluminum legs adjust to 25, 50, and 80 degrees angle for extremely low ground photography.
  • It has hexagon shaped central column which moves total 180 degrees angles so you can set your optics in different positions.
  • Fast and efficient leg rocks and rubber feet with retractable spikes to ensure less movement once stable.

Best Uses:  Good for shoot videos, hunting, and birding.

  • Well engineered tripod for heavy usage.
  • Perfect for video making stuff though.
  • Long durable product and suitable for rough usage.
  • Outstanding stability and loading.
  • Expensive tripod.
  • Too much vibration during adjustments.


6. ZoMei Z818 Light Weight Heavy Duty Portable Travel Tripod

Color: Mix (Black & Orange)

Dimension:  20.5 H x 5.1 W x 5.1 D inches.

Extended & Folded Length: 72 & 18 Inches.

Included: Separate Tripod carries case, ball head tripod, quick release plates, etc.

Those who are looking for a quick adjustable best spotting scope tripod will love ZoMei Z818. It’s a lightweight easy foldable and easy-to-carry tripod and quite durable.

You will not find another in this price range which offers quality performance and durability like this one. Moreover, it’s stylish which could make a statement in your studio though.

Highlighted Features

  • It’s compact and versatile tripod that can be inverted and folded back 180-degree and come into 18-inches. That makes your carrying the tripod lot easier.
  • The multifunctional tripod which could be converted into a monopod by screwing the removal center column and tripod leg.
  • Included a stable column hook to hang additional weight from the center of the tripod for increased stability.
  • Its separate head and pan lock help to make the right adjustment for reliable and secure settings.
  • Also, it has anodic oxidation process and anti-corrosion magnesium and aluminum alloy tube which make it perfect to shoot on different indoor and outdoor location.

Best Usage: perfect for carrying on travel for photography, hunting, birding, etc.

  • Well-built quality.
  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Stable and secure locks.
  • No extended control handle included.
  • Issue with balance while extending three legs sometimes.



7. Manfrotto MK190X3-2W 190 Aluminum 3 Section Tripod Kit

Color: Black

Extends & Folds Down:  66.9 & 27.2 inches.

Dimensions: 27.2 H x 5 W x 5 D inches.

Included: Secure link accessory port, QR plate, four preset locking position, etc.

Here is another proper, sturdy and robust spotting scope for beginner to pros any people. The Manfrotto MK190X3-2W 190 Aluminum 3 Section Tripod Kit is best for your hunting, photography or birding.

It has two fluid drag settings to easy the tilts. Also, it allows you to tilt from straight down to almost straight up in just single continuous motion. The background can be adjusted in fast or smooth two ways.

Moreover, the tripod legs have ten inches triangular shaped center column which adds height while maintaining torsional stability.

Highlighted Features

  • The tripod has fixed pan drag, and two adjustable tilt drags to tune its head so you can move it quickly or used with additional cameras.
  • Comes with a fast release plate mounts on the head with quick release mechanism features gear security.
  • Easy to mount the panhandles on each side of the fluid handles using its double panhandle rosettes.
  • Its quick power lock leg clamps allow you single-handed operation and prevent any slipping.

Best Uses:  Good for planning shoots along with the other usage.

  • The head of the tripod is perfect.
  • Provide smooth and smooth operation.
  • The quality tripod which lasts for a long time.
  • Usable with DSLR, Smartphones, spotting scope, etc.
  • Very expensive.
  • Heavyweight.



8. Rangers 57” Ultra Compact and Lightweight Aluminum Tripod

Color: Black

Extends & Folds Down: 57 & 14 inches.

Dimensions: 27.2 H x 5 W x 5 D inches.

Included: Bubble level indicators, sperate panning locks, etc.

Last but probably not least, our final best spotting scope tripod is Rangers 57” Ultra Compact and Lightweight Aluminum Tripod.

It’s a robust tripod especially for the money. Anyone who is either staring with spotting scope or photography can have this one. It’s made by using CNC machine to provide you the most exceptional quality on an easy tripod.

It’s good for Panorama mode or close to ground shoot. Besides, it’s portable and easy to take anywhere. It’s made of carbon fiber which makes the weigh very minimal though.

You will hardly notice the weight while carrying and moving one place to other.

Highlighted Features

  • Four sections column legs with flip-locks allow you to adjust the tripod form 14- 56 inches easily.
  • Features a removable leg as well to convert it into a monopod while attaching to the ball-adaptor.
  • Included design flip-lock has a more significant contact area along with legs for better stability.
  • Its ball-designing head rotates 360-degrees for perfect view and shoots.
  • The center axis is invertible to give you the option for low ground shooting angles.

Best Uses:  Outdoor and indoor photography, birding or hunting.

  • Very lightweight.
  • Affordable price.
  • The twist adjuster of the legs is quite substantial.
  • Folds up really small.
  • The slide plate does not move smoothly.
  • Sometimes verticle framing slippage occurs.



How to Choose the Best Spotting Scope Tripods

Many vital features make a tripod best or worst for different requirements and condition. So look for some critical facts like given below to find a good quality spotting scope tripod.

  • Stability: Your tripod needs to be incredible stability. Balance is related to weight but not all heavy tripods metal to be stable enough to hold a spotting scope correctly. Moreover, see that the tripod is good enough to be stable in the windy environment and uneven surface. Stability is the first key to considering the quality of a tripod.
  • Features: Tripods comes with different features like, center column, twist lock legs, lever lock and many other things. Look what functionality you want for your tripod. We found a tripod with backpack or strap to hang with backpack more useful to go wild.
  • Durability: Most the tripods are durable enough to use for 4-10 years more or less. But this is the fact for the photography industry. But the tripods used for hunting needs extra durable to survive hostile condition. So, check the Martial they used for making parts and overall body for the tripod and it has to be corrosion-free.

best spotting scope tripod

Types of Spotting Tripods

You will find three types of tripod for spotting scopes or cameras. Such as,

  1. Tabletop- These tripods are small in size compared to other two. The height of these tripods is maxed 18 inches. They are adjustable both height and position. They are lack of strength but good for sitting areas. You can use light optics with them.
  2. Compact- This kind of tripods is suitable to use while sitting on a chair. Most of the hiker and hunter like it for the balance of height and portability. Compact tripods are good for using 70mm distant objects or less.
  3. Full size- This type of tripod is suitable for standing observation. At full length, they reached more than 60 inches. And with a central column, it will 70+. These tripods have an issue with stability though. They are fit for long distant ranges scopes with 80mmobjective lens diameter or more.

Carbon Fiber vs. Metal

Tripods are made with these specific materials- carbon fiber and metal. Most of the high-quality tripods come with fighter aluminum body or carbon fiber for the leg set.

Metal body seems food for stability and rough usage. But there are lots more advantages exist to choose fiber over the metal. The carbon fiber gives better performance on height, weight, and balance. So it can handle vast loading as much to its smaller weight.

Less interrupted view

Carbon fiber tripod has better vibration damping capability comparison to aluminum. It can literally lessen the shock, and vibration that’s with its used in bikes, baby carts to avoid shake. So, when there is a small bump of the road, it doesn’t make one feel almost anything. Similar to that, it reduces the shake created for heavyweight, windy weather or uneven surface while focusing.

A fighter

Tripods made with carbon fiber don’t have a problem with rain, salt water, mud or sunlight. But metal tripods do. The metal reacts both on salt air and salt water. It also weakens in extreme sun exposure. In that case, carbon fiber gives much more stability and last longer for sure. It does not mean the metal tripods are useless. If you find quality metal tripods, then the durability should extend for many years.

Reasonable pricing, but not cheap

Metal tripods are very affordable. This is the first thing that goes with its pros if we listed some of them. But on the other hand carbon fiber is way more expensive due to its fantastic quality, lightweight, compact and stability. But the good news is the price of both materials are decreasing, so you have an affordable option too if you pick fiber one.

If you find anything (need quiet research) that belongs to reputed brand the possibility is you will have a better version of carbon tripod at a reasonable price. But metal one is also a good alternative for all-purpose use too.

Final Thoughts

As you can see tripods are come with single or additional accessories to serve you the various way. Choosing the equipped one (like carrying case, monopod, etc.) is beneficiary for all if you don’t have the budget issues. However, tripods come with all type of price range.

If you one most affordable one we will suggest you Alpen Optics Micro-Adjustable Table Top Tripod. This one good with sitting or standing shoot and manage to work with heavy scopes. The next option for high price range should Manfrotto MK190X3-2W 190 Aluminum 3 Section Tripod Kit. This best spotting scope tripod is good for multiple device/optics and gives a strong and stable view that anyone can ask for.


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