Canon Image Stabilization IS Binoculars Review 2018

canon is binoculars review

In this Canon IS binoculars review, we reveal everything you need to know about a series of amazing binoculars that are getting more popular by the day.

If you’ve ever dreamt of having a binocular which offers rock-steady images and a reasonably high level of magnification, then you really should read this guide between the lines. Canon is without a doubt one of the best optical device manufacturers today and their line of image stabilized binocular is every bit as interesting as it is attractive.

Get all the details about the best of them below.

 Why Canon Image Stabilized Binoculars So Special?

There has probably been a time when you needed to view something that appeals you from a moving platform maybe a car or a boat or even a cruise ship but got disappointed because your binoculars just couldn’t hold still.

Well, that doesn’t have to happen ever again because Canon IS binoculars offer an ultimate solution to stability issues. They are large with weird shapes but they come with remarkable features that will invariably change how you feel about binoculars.

The best canon stabilizer binoculars give handheld images and views that are stable as though you were using your binoculars on a tripod. And the best part is, all you’ve got to do is push a button.

No matter how stable your hands are, you’d definitely struggle to try to keep high powered binoculars, for example, those above 10x completely stable.

But Canon IS binoculars mostly come with such high magnifications and electronically gets rid of vibrations. With these binoculars, you can enjoy viewing the tiniest details of birds, wildlife, sports and much more.

It’s also worth mentioning on this canon stabilized binoculars review that the image stabilizer feature needs a source of power to work and the popular option is AAA batteries.

Once the batteries are drained, the binoculars still work but only as normal binoculars since the image stabilizer feature will only work with batteries.

Now on to the interesting part, a rundown of the top 5 canon stabilized binoculars review.


Top 5 Canon IS Binoculars Reviews For 2018

 1. Canon 10x42L IS WP Binoculars review

The Canon 10×42 L IS binoculars has all the quality and performance features discussed above and are delivered in a stylish and high-quality case.

The special surface coating not only ensures that the binoculars are weatherproof but also guarantees the best grip for a user’s hands.

The materials used in making these binoculars were carefully selected and processed using world-class engineering processes into a high quality so that these compact binoculars can be used with an exceptional flexibility.

There are loads of Canon image stabilized binoculars reviews out there and most agree that this is one of the best of them on offer.

To ensure that the binoculars are also suitable for spectacle wearers, Canon has incorporated into it, far-reaching exit pupils. In addition, these Canon binoculars are equipped with a reliable anti-fogging system, which effectively prevents fogging and ensures optimum visibility at all times.

The field of view is a gallant 65° which guarantees an awesome overview. The particularly quiet image stabilizer suppresses unintentional movements and vibrations and also delivers images that are not blurry when objects are viewed from moving vehicles.

  • Great blend of performance and quality
  • Wide field of vision.
  • Rock stable images of views you love
  • Ergonomic and durable
  • Excellent performance even in low light.
  • Bulkier than normal standard size binoculars
  • The price is on the up side.


With the 10×42 L IS binocular, Canon has proven that it is always possible to make good binoculars perfect – the Canon L-series also features the cutting-edge technology of the L-series, popularly known for its high-quality and excellent performance. The binoculars also incorporate a clever design, weather resistance ability and several other innovative technologies.


2. Canon 15×50 IS All Weather Binoculars review

With the IS AW 15×50, Canon introduced to the world a binocular designed for all weather which comes in a beautiful and handy casing.

These Canon binoculars offer high-quality, innovative technology, in a compact build. So, that the product offers extreme flexibility and is multifunctional.

For example, these portable Canon binoculars can be used for hunting, during vacations, for watching birds, observing the beauty of nature, or as classic binoculars that easily fit into a handbag.

The manufacturer of this Canon binocular also took great care to ensure that the binoculars are well suited for every user’s hands and can be placed comfortably on the eyeballs without impacting much pressure or causing even the slightest pain.

It’s also worth mention in this Canon image stabilization review that the coating of the surface is weatherproof, provides maximum grip and allows usage in any weather. The materials used were flawlessly selected and then processed into high quality and user-friendly products by canon.

Technically, these Canon binoculars have great specifications, which makes them compact and multifunctional. The Canon 15×50 IS AW binoculars also come with an optical image stabilizer which ensures that the high resolutions can be achieved.

Even without a tripod, images are stable and not blurred. This revolutionary technique is combined with a shake-free image stand, which prevents eye fatigue and offers the best images.

The two eyepiece lenses provide double-lens images, which feature a dramatic reduction in the image curvature. Blurry image edge markings and lack of image sharpness are common problems with most binoculars that have been effectively eliminated in these binoculars.

  • Unique design and sturdy construction
  • No color fringing or blurriness observed.
  • 15x magnification brings very distant object right next to you.
  • Waterproof image stabilized binocular
  • Very sharp and crystal clear views thanks to a high performing optics.
  • More susceptible to damage in case of accidental falls due to electronic components.
  • Bulky as a result of the powerful lenses.



With the compact Canon 15×50 IS AW binoculars, you get a small but multifunctional device which comes in a smart and practical design which is rugged enough to be used comfortably in any weather conditions. The binoculars are also equipped with the best technical prerequisites and innovations. Amazingly, the price is fair which makes this Canon binoculars a real deal.


 3. Canon 12×36 Image Stabilization III Binoculars review

With the IS III, brand producer Canon boldly stated its will to offer consumers high-quality and extremely compact Binocular binoculars.

The Canon 12×36 IS III Binocular impressed in the market with its compact size, practical design, clever and intuitive handling, the flexibility of use, as well as excellent technical features.

These amazing features make this binocular from canon a compact and versatile model which adapts well to all of the user’s needs.

The design highlights include the weatherproof case, which allows these Canon binoculars to be used anywhere and in any weather condition. The smart surface coating is not just resistant to rain but also allows for a firm grip and comfortable eye placement.

Which guarantees maximum comfort and doesn’t  pressurize or cause any form of pain during prolonged use. Technically, the Canon binoculars are dazzle with innovative features, such as the Canon image stabilizer, which gives the user the impression that the glass would always remain firmly fixed to a stand. This results in smooth and sharp images, even if you use the Canon binoculars from a moving vehicle.

The double-line image field adjusters provide an excellent, flat, distortion-free image.

Even at a significant distance from the ocular lens, the far-reaching exit pupils still exhibit the full facial field. This ensures that spectacle wearers can use the Canon binoculars easily and effectively without having to remove their spectacles which could lead to a decrease in the user’s observing capacity.

  • Versatile and highly durable image stabilized binocular
  • Excellent quality of views
  • Ideal for birding, hunting and almost every application
  • Quality grip prevents slip ups even in wet conditions
  • Construction is ergonomic and perfectly balanced.
  • High price and bulky.
  • You will need spare batteries when you take them on long trips.



The Canon 12×36 IS III binoculars are high-quality binoculars which come in a compact and handy housing. In addition, the Canon binoculars are weatherproof and come with an optical image stabilizer. Double-line imagery and other innovative techniques are extra features that make this model of Canon binoculars perfect and multifunctional devices. The price of these particular model is fair and affordable.


4. Canon 8×25 IS Binoculars review

The Porro prism 8×25 IS binocular is an inexpensive entry-level model from the renowned Canon brand. The binocular has largely impressed with both its design and performance.

The binoculars are delivered in a particularly compact housing, which holds the innovative and highly reliable product. The robust housing is weatherproof and offers great usage flexibility.

These binoculars are built to allow for a perfect user handling and are easily and comfortably placed on the eyes.

The choice of the raw materials used, as well as their processing technique, is flawless and high-quality. So, these binoculars, in addition to being easy to use are also highly durable.

In contrast to many competing entry-level and inexpensive binoculars from other brands, the Canon 8×25 IS features an optical image stabilizer, which ensures reliable work and promises optimal images.

As you would expect from a genuine binocular from the Canon brand, these inexpensive entry-level binoculars also offer a very high processing quality.

The binoculars allow an 8x magnification and rely on high-quality lenses, which provide premium quality images even in the winter months. Also, the Canon Binoculars prevents camera shake and allows great shots from moving vehicles.

  • Lightweight and compact image stabilized binocular
  • Ergonomic and unique design
  • Extra-bright images
  • Non-slip rubber armor
  • Robust, easy and comfortable to use.
  • Not the best binocular for night time viewing.
  • Again you get to pay way more for this than a similar binocular without an image stabilizer.



If you are looking for powerful, affordable and robust binoculars, then you should consider the 8×25 IS from Canon. The binoculars have a clever, compact design and offer an amazing product and processing quality. These binoculars are also very portable and equipped with innovative and highly reliable technology one of which is the top quality image stabilizer.


5. Canon 18×50 IS All Weather Binoculars review

The Canon Binoculars 18×50 IS AW is a versatile binocular which comes in a very compact and practical build. In these high-quality binoculars, Canon used very sophisticated technologies which maximized the flexibility and elegance of the binoculars design.

The manufacturers took great care in making these particular binoculars is handy and easy to use. Also, Canon expressed the fact that it prioritizes offering products that are visually appealing as exhibited by the classic appearance of these binoculars. Due to the high magnification, this model is one of the best canon IS binoculars for astronomy.

The eye pads are optimally positioned on the eye sockets and allow convenient use of the Canon binoculars. Also, the Canon binoculars are equipped with a special surface coating so that the fingers of the user optimally adhere to the exterior of the product for a secure and easy use of these Canon binoculars.

Technically, the Canon binoculars IS AW is an excellent equipment built with innovative technologies. An optical image stabilizer is just one among the numerous great features of these binoculars.

The revolutionary technology used in the binoculars employs a vari-angle prism, which ensures that the particularly high resolutions of the glass are also fully utilized without a tripod.

It is also possible to use Canon binoculars from a moving car. The quiet, shake-free image frame included in the product brings out the smallest details of an object and also effectively neutralizes fatigue of the eyes.

In the eyepieces of the lenses, the manufacturers of Canon installed a reliable, double-lensed image intensifiers, which allow for a visible reduction in the image curvature. In this way, edge distortions and blurring are prevented.

  • Highly appealing and sturdy binoculars.
  • An incredible 18x magnification provides detailed view
  • Weather resistant
  • 50 mm objectives allow ample light into the device.
  • Perfect contrast and color reproduction
  • As you’d expect, the binocular is bulky.
  • Quite pricy as compared to other similar IS bins.



The 18×50 IS AW binocular is a multifunctional model which incorporates several highly innovative features. The design is handy, and the performance is noteworthy. Canon also installed double-sided optical image stabilizer in the binoculars. The Canon 18×50 IS binoculars were made using quality raw materials and are astonishingly fairly priced.

Final Verdict

Based on the tests we carried out, Canon IS binoculars are very impressive and definitely worth having. The superb clarity and brightness they provide and all the other great features discussed above are earning these binoculars so much approval in several canon binoculars image stabilizer reviews.

Even with the high powered models, there are rarely complaints about the annoying issue of color fringing. All accessories included in Canon IS binoculars are of great standards and the only glitches are mostly related to their price and size.

Image stabilized binoculars are worthy investments when done right and that’s why you should let our complete Canon IS binoculars review be your guide.

Canon Image Stabilization IS Binoculars Review 2018
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