Carson 3D series high definition waterproof Binoculars with ED glass Review

Carson 3D series high definition waterproof binoculars with ED glass review

Carson as a brand has been working to feature high-end pairs of binoculars over several years. This is no different with the Carson 3D series high definition waterproof binoculars with ED glass. It lives up to this reputation and with years of experience, it is definite that the brand understands their optics.

It delivers on functionality even in low light, but this is not to be confused as a night vision binoculars. It is however, a versatile pair of binoculars. It is gaining popularity in the market especially amongst hunters and bird watchers for its ability to provide clear, bright, and sharp images.

Looking at its overall design and construction, you can tell that it will serve you in the long-term. This is thanks to its materials as well as the firm texture. It is light for easy maneuverability, and it comes with accessories that make it easily portable.

The Carson 3D Series High Definition Waterproof Binoculars with ED Glass.

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ED Glass Lenses

If you are looking to obtain quality images with precision to color and detail, this feature comes in handy. This Carson 3D series high definition binocular does offer not only high-quality lenses but also provides great magnification to help meet its objective. The ED glass serves the purpose of reducing color fringing as well as correcting chromatic aberration, so it does not distort your view even when the object is in motion.

Phase-Corrected Prisms

The view of your images gets even better with its phase corrected prisms. These serve the purpose of enhancing the resolution, contrast, as well as color definition. In this, every time you are looking at an image, the color is precise with any exaggerations. In addition, it does not feel like the object is too far or too near to alter your judgment. Every object in your view remains as a single entity while at the same time creating a high contrast for better viewing.

Ergonomic Thumb Grooves

It is very important that you have the right grip when holding your pair of binoculars to help ease your experience. The Carson 3D series high definition waterproof binocular comes with ergonomic thumb grooves that ensure your grip is firm due to its ideally designed due to the preferred texture. Its lightweight feature that makes handling of the binoculars easier accompanies this. With a firm grip, it is highly appreciated for outdoor activities including sports events.

Dielectric Coated Prisms 

When viewing objects especially for bird watchers, you are looking to view clear images. To obtain clear images, you need adequate lighting not just when you are out in the open but also adequate light transmission. With the help of the dielectric coated prisms, this pair of binocular improves light transmission, so your images are bright and clear. This contributes to maximizing on the provided light source to ease target viewing.

Extra-long Eye Relief

With its twit-down eyecups feature, it provides for extra-long eye relief. You can be sure that it is easy to the eye. With comes in handy even for those who wear glasses thus ensuring that your vision is clear. This makes it possible for you to use it over long durations without irritating your eyes. While it allows you to use it over a long time, it retains clarity. This contributes to why it is gaining popularity amongst hunters and bird watchers.

Tripod Mountable

The Carson 3D series high definition waterproof binoculars are easily attachable to a tripod. When using a pair of binoculars outdoors, you need to ensure stability when it is in use. To help meet this purpose, it is highly recommended that you invest in a tripod as well. This binocular allows you to mount it on a tripod to help boost stability as well as flexibility. The process is fast and easy, so you do not have to miss any images.


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Even as a great pair of binoculars, it comes with accessories that aim at sweetening the deal and improve on functionality. The accessories include: 

  • A lens cloth that helps ease with a cleaning of the lenses
  • A shoulder harness
  • A neck strap
  • A BinoArmor Deluxe Carry Case for easy and safe portability

These accessories are all functional and are included in the package to ensure that you are well-equipped to ease portability, maneuverability, as well as the carriage.

Technical Specifications

  • Prism Type: Roof.
  • Magnification (x):10.
  • Objective Lens Diameter (mm):42.
  • Angle of View (actual) 6.0°.
  • Field-of-View: 314 ft @ 1000 yd. / 104.25 m @ 1000 m.
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 9.8 ft / 2.99 m
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm):4.2.
  • Eye Relief (mm):16.
  • Focus Type: Central
  • Tripod Mount: Yes.
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 5 x 2″ / 13.97 x 12.70 x 5.08 cm.
  • Weight (g):23.2 oz. / 658.

Recommended Usage

The Carson 3D series comes with great features that make it ideal for bird watching as well as hunting in addition to other outdoor activities. It is not too restricting to the environment due to its sturdy structure or to the weather due to its waterproof feature.

Sports lovers will love this pair of binoculars thanks to its ability to view over longs durations without straining your eyes. Do you wear glasses? This also serves as an ideal pair of binoculars thanks to its twist down eyecups. Looking at this, it is versatile with the ability to serve a number of uses.


  • It offers crystal clear images
  • It has comfortable eye cups even for those wearing glasses
  • Portability is easy with its included accessories
  • It works great even in low lighting due to great light transmission
  • You can use it for a longer duration without irritating your eyes
  • They can withstand different weather and environments
  • They offer a firm grip making them ideal for outdoor use


  • The Carson 3D series high definition waterproof binoculars do not come with incremental eyecup adjustment. For many users, this limiting factor reduces on flexibility.
  • You cannot purchase particular Carson lens covers on the market, so one has to be very careful when picking them to provide a great fit

Final Verdict

The Carson 3d series high definition waterproof binoculars with ED glass is gaining popularity in the market for the right reasons. It delivers both on functionality as well as in its design. With the key objective of providing clear, right, and sharp images to the wider target market. It ensures that the images are precise thanks to its 3D ED feature that boosts focus. It is meeting its key objective as promised. The best part is its affordability in comparison to its direct competitors.

Made from quality materials, it is bound to survive the outdoor environments while reducing the risk of damages. Designed for the outdoors, it comes complete with a carry case, neck strap, as well as a shoulder harness to ease with portability and carriage. Overall, it upholds on vision and clarity, durability, compact design, and ease of portability.

Carson 3D series high definition waterproof Binoculars with ED glass Review
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