Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 Binoculars Review (Updated 2018)

nikon monarch 7 10x42 binoculars review

Have you been struggling with how you will get a clear image of that lovely bird with all the colored feathers without having to go too close enough and avoid scaring t away? Then worry no more because Nikon has brought to you Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 binoculars which have better lenses, better image resolution or better everything compared to the previous Nikon Monarch binocular models you must have been using.

In that case, I am here to give you an elaborate and detailed review of this amazing and outstanding binocular that will not only make your next bird viewing outing the best but a so a unique bird viewing you have ever been to. The review below will get you rethink that thought that had crossed your mind on quitting bird viewing.

Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 Binoculars Review

Best Features of Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 Binoculars

  • ED glass

The Extra-low Dispersion glasses on Monarch 7 10×42 are designed to offer you with the most detailed and quality image especially when combined with the 8x magnification over the 42mm objective lenses. The glasses provide high resolution and contrast in areas with low light hence no chances for blurred images so no need to worry when viewing the beautiful birds in those areas where light seems to be a monarch 7 10x42 binoculars review

  • Field of view

The Nikon Monarch 7 10×24 Binocular offers a wide field of view of up to 351 feet and can focus down to about 8.5 feet, and these two features make this Nikon Monarch 7  1ox 42 the best among the binoculars in its series. Even when focused provides the same image brightness as one you can see with your naked eyes.

  • Multi-Layer Prism Coating

The surfaces of both the eyepiece and objective lenses are multicoated to ensure that the image observed on the lenses of the binocular are bright and crisp even the conditions seems not ideal for you. When these two features of the lenses and prisms being multicoated are combined they enhance the quality of the image to one of high resolution and less blurry.

  • Scratch resistant coating

This is an additional feature from the previous models of the monarch series hence whenever you are out there on the field and your binoculars fall or during the constant cleaning of the lenses and the outer surfaces of your binoculars you will not be worried of the binocular-wearing out for quite a lifetime. This scratch resistant coat makes this Monarch 7 binocular.

  • Waterproof and fog proof

These two features are in the camera to ensure it withstands all weather conditions. The waterproof and nitrogen filled housing coat come out handy in case you drop you are binocular and think that is the last day of you seeing those beautiful crystal clear images of those birds. The fog proof coating ensures that you still get the same bright images in the harsh rainy condition where fog may form on the lenses of your binoculars.

  • Tripod adapter

The Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 Binocular is adaptable tripod meaning it can be easily fixed to a tripod stand; it is very important when focusing the images of the birds. It makes one have a feeling that they are just standing right next to the birds watching them.

Accessories Included

Whenever you buy this amazing Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 Binoculars, some things should never miss as they are as important as getting the best image of the feathery birds. One of the is the Nikon 6121 Prostaff Bino Harness that ensure that you don’t just carry your binocular in the bag, but you can also hang on your neck, the other one the Nikon 7072 lens pen cleaning system that you need when cleaning those lenses.

nikon 7548 monarch 7 binoculars 8x42

  • High clarity even at low light
  • Wide range of view and focus
  • It waterproof
  • Provide very comfortable eyecups
  • has the ideal size and weight
  • Problem with eye relief
  • No locking mechanism on the diopter

Technical Specification of Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 Binoculars

  • Magnification: 10x
  • Objective diameter: 42 mm
  • Angular field of view:    6.7 (Real/degree)
  • Angular field of view: 60.7 (Apparent/degree)
  • Field of view at 1000m: 117 m
  • Exit pupil: 4.2 mm
  • Relative brightness: 17.6
  • Eye relief: 16.5 mm
  • Close focusing distance: 2.5 m
  • Length: 142 mm
  • Width: 130 mm
  • Depth: 57 mm
  • Weight: 660 g
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment: 56-72 mm
  • Type: Roof

Recommendation of usage

The Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 is, of course, the best model of the Monarch series, and definitely, I would recommend to any individual interested in bird viewing, sporting, hunting and all the tourists. Who is interested in observing wildlife from the comfort of their cars and finally marine user as it has the feature of being waterproof? Which makes an ideal equipment for the marine guys, who want to observe the beautiful fish 7548 monarch 7 8x42 binoculars review


We consider Monarch 10×42 is a good choice, so we also reviewed it on our article

To all individuals s who are looking forward to clearer images and for binoculars that will serve them for their all-weather bird viewing activity, I would highly recommend the Nikon Monarch 7 10×42. It is waterproof, has scratch proof and most of all provide you with the same image even at the low light just to mention but a few. Its price is also pocket-friendly, which is worth for a binocular that will serve you for a lifetime. Hope the above Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 binoculars review help you lot to make better decisions.

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Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 Binoculars Review (Updated 2018)
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