Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 Binoculars Review (Updated 2018)

nikon prostaff 7 10x42 binoculars review

Get all the information you need in this Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 binoculars review. A quality 10×42 binocular is a pleasure to look through; it offers you significantly more magnification than standard 8×42 binoculars. Only issue would be keeping views steady, but with the Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 binoculars, you get an incredible level of image sharpness and stability. This and many more reasons that we will be discussing shortly make this binocular popular among nature lovers and other professionals.


What Makes This Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 Binoculars Different from Other Binoculars?

  • Like a masterpiece

Nikon Prostaff 7 binoculars are first-class processed. If you take a closer look at the glass, you will not discover any glue streaks or annoying edges where careless work has been done. The 667 gram Nikon Prostaff is externally covered by a rubber armor and looks like a masterpiece. This ensures a firm and secure grip even in the rain.

The rubber armor also prevents the binoculars from being damaged by impact or shock. The accessory includes a carrying case on which you can attach a strap if necessary. It can easily be worn around the neck or over the shoulder during a hike. The bag is made of durable nylon, which is durable and keeps your binocular safe in all weather.

  • Roof prism

The Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 binocular uses roof prisms for visualization. These novel prisms are characterized by the fact that the superimposed and precisely aligned mirrors allow for a straight beam of light to travel through the lenses. Light scattering stays off, which ensures high image sharpness.

The threads necessary to focus the lenses are all housed inside the housing. Hence, no openings must be made on the surface of the binoculars to accommodate any moving part through which moisture and dust can penetrate and negatively affect the optics. In addition to the rubber armor, the roof prism system is another reason why the Nikon Prostaff 7 binoculars 10×42 are waterproof.

  •  Twilight active

The lenses are multi-layer coated, the prisms are phase corrected, and the mirroring is highly reflective. All this is reflected in the optical performance. Even at dusk, the Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 still offers an excellent resolution and a bright picture.

A test demonstrates the performance. Pointing the binoculars into the night sky reveals more stars than the naked eye. Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 binoculars provide a clear field of view in a range between five and eight hundred meters. Even pine cones at a distance of more than 500 meters are still clearly visible thanks to the high level of detail.

What makes this binocular stand out when compared to others? We love to tell the answer; even in the tenfold magnification, the Nikon Prostaff maintains this sharpness. Above all, the picture does not wobble. Other binoculars tremble at the slightest movement when magnified at ten times the zoom. This effect cannot be avoided even if you hold the binoculars with relatively steady hands.

The Nikon Prostaff is clearly different. You can follow the course of a deer, the flight of a bird or a group of cyclists in the sprint at this zoom level and recognize every detail. The large field of view of six degrees has the consequence that you hardly have to move and adjust the binoculars. Track the flight of a bird or a group of cyclists in the sprint and enjoy every detail.

nikon prostaff 7 10x42 binoculars review


  • Very good overall quality.
  • Exceptional reach of 105 meters.
  • Binoculars very easy to use and carry.
  • Waterproof device up to 10 meters & fog resistant.
  • Rubber armored
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent performance in low light conditions.
  • Produces super sharp and clear images.
  • The Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 price is slightly higher than average.
  • Design too classic to be considered modern.

Highlights Features and Technical Specification of the NIKON PROSTAFF 7 10×42 binoculars:

  • Dimensions: 5 x 9.25 x 3.25 in
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs.
  • Multilayer treatment for lenses and prisms, to obtain bright images.
  • Phase correction processing of prisms guaranteeing excellent resolution.
  • FOV at 1000 yards: 314 ft.
  • Highly reflective surface treatment of prisms improving the brightness of images.
  • Wide eye relief offers an optimal field of vision, even for eyeglass wearers.
  • Rubber eyecups with notches facilitate eye positioning for comfortable eye relief.
  • Waterproof (up to 1 m for 10 minutes) and anti-fog with nitrogen filling.
  • Rubberized sheath for high impact resistance and good grip.
  • Close Focus Distance: 13.1 ft.
  • Exit Pupil: 4.2 mm
  • Relative Brightness: 17.6
  • Eye Relief: 15.5 mm
  • Ecological glasses, without arsenic or lead, are used on all lenses and prisms.

The Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 in Practical Use

The Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 is rightly considered a good and stable all-round binoculars, which can be used for most outdoor activities and it’s also ideal for traveling. This razor-sharp binoculars were able to impress with high optical performance throughout the entire test period.

So, it’s no wonder that this model has completely multi-layer coated lenses and phase-corrected prisms, which are also provided with a highly reflective multi-layer coating. Even at dusk or in very low ambient light users will benefit from high image brightness and high resolution.

The high level of detail and good color fidelity were also positive in our tests, and there were hardly any chromatic aberrations. Only at the outer edges was the image a bit blurred and distorted. However, this only made itself negatively noticeable with fast swings over large areas.

Particularly noteworthy is the high twilight performance of the Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 binocular. In clear skies at night, we could see in the same section significantly more stars in our tests than with the naked eye.

In terms of handling, this model was able to convince us as far as possible. The Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 has movable rubber eyecups, which can be optimally fixed thanks to the various locking positions which also enable spectacle wearers to have a comfortable viewing.

In addition, the diopter setting during the test phase proved to be tight enough not to be accidentally misaligned. Unfortunately, the actuator is not attached to the lens side of the bridge, which slightly compromised the ease of use.

nikon prostaff 7 10x42 review

Is this Nikon Prostaff 7 Binocular 10×42 a Good Buy?

Having studied the Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 binoculars, we can say that it is an exceptional product that has all it takes to offer you total satisfaction entirely up to your requirements. They have many technical specificities that are more interesting than most other binoculars.

Though their price is slightly higher, it must be recognized that the awesome features fully justifies this. You will surely benefit from a reliable and powerful device that will serve you well every day for many, many years without ever faltering. If you are looking for one of the best pair of binoculars of the moment, then this is the one you need.

Nikon Prostaff  7 atb 10×42 Binoculars Review – watch the Video Below


For all those obvious reasons we’ve discussed above, we will wholeheartedly recommend this binocular to bird watchers, hunters and nature explorers. It is easy to use, ergonomically sound, lasts a long time and wouldn’t disappoint you in bad weather conditions. In the end though, the decision of what binocular to buy is entirely yours to make, and we hope our Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 binoculars review helps you make the right one.

Nikon Prostaff 7 10×42 Binoculars Review (Updated 2018)
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