Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 8×30 Binoculars Review

steiner safari ultrasharp 8x30 binoculars review

The binoculars are a popular device that everyone has ever owned. Perhaps it was the old binoculars of the grandfather that one inherited some time ago. Children also like to use the binoculars to explore the world and to look into the distance simply. However, unlike binoculars from the past, today there are modern devices that offer an even better view. Since the origin of the binoculars, the manufacturers and the product range have also increased. So you need to do research to found a good product. That’s why we are making the Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 8×30 Binoculars Review.

In addition, there is a lot of technology in binoculars, so there is also the right goggles for every application. The military requires high-quality binoculars to detect the enemy even at long distances. The hiker likes to travel around the countryside with his binoculars or to find the nearest place. No matter what binoculars are required for, it offers every user the clearer view.

Below we present the Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 8×30 Review to provide you all the details that we found about this model.

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Best Features Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 8×30 Binoculars

STEINER High-Contrast Optics: Delivers bright, high-contrast images, high contour sharpness and brilliant 3D viewing experience with natural color reproduction.

Sports Auto Focus Plus Hybrid System: Sharp images from 20m to infinity without refocusing. If it is set, also observes in the close range of 2 to 20 m – with inspiring plasticity (only 8×30 and 10×30 models).

Fast-Close-Focus: Minimal, infinite focusing on the center drive for quick, precise detail from close up to infinity. Convenient and light focus (only 8×22 and 10×26 models).

Lightweight, Ergonomic Design: Ensures storing in the smallest of spaces so that you can take your binoculars anywhere with you.

Extreme Robustness: Through durable housing, water tightness and functionality in the temperature range from -20° C to 70°+ C. Non-slip NBR-Longlife rubber armor resists oil, acid, and weathering.

Ergonomic Eyecups: Made of skin-compatible, aging-resistant silicone allows observation comfort and protection from laterally incident light and drafts. For use with glasses just need to be folded down.

ClicLoc Strap Attachment: The binoculars are always attached to the strap and can be released and replaced with only one hand.


Technical Specifications of Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 8×30 Binoculars

  • Magnification: 8 x
  • Size: 5.7 x 16.6 x 12 cm
  • Weight: 612 g
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 30 mm
  • Width: 66 mm
  • Height:120 mm
  • Depth: 57 mm
  • Exit Pupil: 3.75 mm
  • Luminosity: 14.06
  • Twilight Factor: 15.49
  • Field of View at 1000 m: 120 m
  • Focusing System: Sports-Auto-Focus Plus.
  • Close Focus Range: 2 m
  • Temperature Range: -20°C to +70°C
  • Eyecups: Ergonomic
  • Carrying Strap: Neopren
  • Strap Attachment: ClicLoc
  • Objective Cover: Yes
  • Rain Protection Cap: Yes
  • Bag: Yes
  • Warranty: Yes

steiner safari 8x30 review


  • High-Contrast Optics.
  • Nitrogen filling has been awarded.
  • Fixed focus is used.
  • Fully waterproof and fogproof.
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic Design.
  • Pressure water tightness up to 1m (0.1 bar).
  • Comes with carrying case.


  • Sharpened image from 5 to 2500 meters away and further.
  • The field of view is very limited.

Delivery and Packaging

The Steiner Safari binoculars UltraSharp already looks very nice and practical in the pictures. We were curious whether the binoculars also holds what the manufacturer promises. For using the product and making this Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 8×30 review, we ordered the model in an online shop. It took the price of about 200 dollars. After only four days of waiting, the Steiner Safari binoculars UltraSharp were handed over to us.

As we thought, the binoculars had been delivered in a neutral package containing the original carton with the device. We unpacked the Steiner Safari binoculars UltraSharp and found another packet inside the box, which the manufacturer attached to the original box for extra protection. Therefore, you cannot report anything negative in this test section.

The images are transmitted optimally and the focus can be adjusted correctly. The binoculars do not allow reflections or shading, which is especially pleasant.


In order to test the binoculars, nothing is needed except to unpack them. We could not find covers for the glasses in the scope of delivery. But there is a small pocket for protection. The strap was quickly attached, so we could start quite fast with our test.

Facts & Figures

As we unpacked and took out the device, the main part of the Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 8×30 binoculars review begins from now. It is a slightly wider model with the dimensions of 5.7 x 16.6 x 12 centimeters. The weight is 612 grams which however more likely makes it a lighter device. This is especially suitable for outdoor use and can hang around the neck for a long time without getting it too heavy.

It was designed as rain and splash resistant, so bad weather is no problem for the Steiner Safari binoculars. The function of temperature is -20° C to up to 70° C. This allows the model to be used outdoors in any season of the year without any problems.

A nitrogen filling as with expensive devices is, however, in vain. For this purpose, it has a pressurized water density of up to one meter. The binoculars have some functions which are not standard in a model of this price. It is self-contained from a distance of 20 meters – here the so-called fixed focus is used.

Operation and Functions

In general, the optical quality of the lenses is very good and the targeted objects are very plastic, contrasting and clear. The image is always clear and sharp at close range from about five meters to extended distances up to 2,500 meters and even beyond.

Also, the two lenses can be adjusted individually, which makes them ideal for spectacle wearers, although it was not specifically designed for spectacle wearers. The separate settings allow you to select the sharpness by hand and thus adapt it to different visual intensities. The operation itself is very simple.


With the help of the individual wheels, the sharpness can be adjusted or the distance between the two lenses can be chosen depending on the individual eye distance. Also, an ergonomic design has been taken so that one gets a very good grip both with one hand and with two hands.

Especially the rubber coating is worth mentioning, which provides for additional grip. Thanks to the special coating, the binoculars can also be used very well when users wear gloves – this is especially useful during the cold months.

The usage convenience is also greatly improved by the included stand-by bag, since the glass can be removed quickly and can be put back again without having the risk that the binoculars fall off. This is prevented by the cover, which can not be entirely opened but fixed at a perticular angle.


The compact design makes it a fabulous handling device. All settings are easy to reach. The eye cup can be easily adjusted due to the excellent processing and the material.

Unfortunately, we also have to report that the ocular shells were not 100% tight. During our entire test, we noticed many times on that disruptive shading. It was particularly unfavorable when the sunlight shone directly from the side.


The Steiner Safari binoculars UltraSharp has an ergonomic design, so it is very handy. Also, the gumming is very cuddly and pleasant for the eyes. The neck strap can be converted with a few handgrips to the carrying strap so that the Steiner Safari binoculars UltraSharp can simply lay around the shoulder and continue its journey. Very pleasant rubber coating for the eyes.

Are There Accessories

In addition to the glass and the transport bag mentioned above, there is also a comfort strap which allows the glass to be hung around the neck. In order not to be annoying over an extended period, the carrying strap has also been added.

Service of the Manufacturer

The manufacturer promises a long service life and therefore also provides a ten-year warranty, but not on wearing parts. You also have the possibility to get support from the manufacturer.

By mail or telephone, you can reach the support and ask all questions about the Steiner Safari binoculars UltraSharp. The support knows itself very well and therefore very competently – all in all, the customer service excellently built up.


The Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 8×30 binoculars review says that the product is really great. With the device, you get a good view. The price of about 200 dollars is quite justified because of the high-quality materials and a high-quality artistry can be recognized everywhere.

Because of the light incident, which we recognized in our test, there were some points deducted, so that the Steiner Safari binoculars UltraSharp only succeeded third place in our test series.

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