Canon 12×36 IS III Image Stabilization Binoculars Review 2018

canon 12x36 is iii binoculars review

In this canon 12x36 IS III binoculars review we are going know all about its features and performance. So, you can decide how good or bad it is. For astronomy, you will need a high capacity lens like 50mm. but if you familiar with the image stabilized binocular especially for astronomy then you also aware about its price.

On the other hand, 12x36 Image Stabilization III is pretty well on its performance compare than below 50mm lens. It may not able to give the same performance but it’s the best in this price range. It works well in low light or even low lights. Its shows much clear view of fainter stars or detail view of the moon.

If you live in places with nowhere to set up a tripod, telescope etc. Then this binocular could be an easy solution. Its powerful lens, advance adjusting features and decent weight let enjoy anyone the mesmerizing view of sky night sky.

Canon 12x36 IS III Binoculars Review

Technical Specification of Canon 12x36 IS III Image Stabilization Binoculars

  • Magnification: 12X
  • Front lens diameter: 36 mm
  • Dimensions: 0.04x0.04x0.04 inches
  • Weight:1.46 pounds
  • Field of View @1,000 m: 87.5 m
  • Exit pupil (approx. Mm): 3.0 mm
  • Distance of the exit pupil (approx. Mm):14.5 mm
  • Prism type: Porro prisms III
  • Closest focusing distance: 6 m
  • Power supply: 2 Mignon cells
  • Battery range: +25 ° C: approx. 9 hours , -10 ° C: approx. 1 hour (with alkaline batteries)
  • Battery level indicator: yes, LED
Canon 12x36 IS III Binoculars Reviews

Features of Canon 12x36 Image Stabilization III Binoculars

  • Powerful binoculars with image stabilizer

The Canon 12x36 IS III binoculars with image stabilizer is a high-quality model. It affords you the opportunity to see your desired picture up to 12 times its original size and the lens has a diameter of 36 mm. As a result, the image brightness is determined by the amount of light received by the binoculars.

Also, the glasses are compact, lightweight and allow little reflection. The rubber armor prevents interfering reflective light in the field of view. For the same purpose, the sizeable rubberized contact surfaces for the eyes are intended. They are comfortable and can be practically turned around for spectacle wearers.

Canon uses high-quality and light materials, which is both weather-resistant and robust. For added protection, the binoculars come with image stabilizer and a smart case.

  • Precision optics for high-resolution images

The Canon precision optics ensure high resolution and low distortion. The individual lenses of the Canon 12x36 IS Image Stabilization III binoculars are equipped with the Super Spectra coating, which has proven itself with the lenses of the Canon EF series. Since this compensation prevents unwanted internal reflections, which can lead to ghosting and stray light, the binoculars offer vibrant, high-resolution images with precise colors.

  • Excellent view 

Canon 12x36 IS III binoculars has an optical construction with the Porro prism III and field-field adjustment lenses that ensure a pleasant image field with clear, flat and virtually distortion-free images. The exit pupil which is 14.5 mm wide, provides a comfortable view and is ideal for spectacle wearers.

  • Durable, Comfortable and Ease of Use

Canon 12x36 IS III Image Stabilization binoculars was designed primarily for ease of use, durability, and comfort. The binoculars are superbly handy and provide rubber eyecups for a comfortable, and well-balanced visibility. Regarding ergonomics, the button for operating the image stabilizer and the focusing ring is placed centrally on the top of the binoculars so that they are easily accessible with every hand. Additionally, the large and robust rubber reinforcement improves the handling and ensures a firm hold. Keep reading this canon 12x36 is iii binoculars review to know further features of this model.

canon 12x36 is iii binoculars review
  • Delivery

When the Canon 12x36 IS III binoculars is delivered, it comes with a carrying bag, in which the binoculars can be placed comfortably. Also included in the scope of supply are a sufficiently wide carrying strap as well as two eyepieces, which sits very firmly and securely on the lenses.

  • Material

The material on the housing surface of the Canon 12x36 IS III consists of a solid and robust rubber coating. This gives a feeling of safety and is handy in our tests. Also, at the same time protecting the binoculars from shocks or blows. The rest of the material is made of metal and high-quality plastic, which makes this model all the more robust and stable.

  • Equipment of IS III

The Canon 12x36 IS Image Stabilization III binoculars has an image stabilizer that is powered by two lithium batteries. This helps to prevent camera-shake for up to 4 hours. A simple button at the of the device activates the image stabilizer; it is accessible with the fingers of both hands. Finally, the field of vision, or field of vision, determines the area you can observe through binoculars with image stabilizer.

However, a distinction is made between the actual and the apparent field of view. The actual field of view is calculated from the center of the lens in degrees or angles. The binoculars with image stabilizer 12x36 from Canon has a true image field of 5 ° while its apparent image field is 55.3 °. This is the value of the actual image field multiplied by the maximum magnification. This is the field of vision that you can see through binoculars.

Furthermore, the binoculars with image stabilizer offer additional functions for their high price. You can adjust the sharpness of the image manually and correct the diopters with a ring. The Canon 12x36 IS III binoculars has a Super Spectra multi-layer coating that prevents reflexes and stray light.

Canon 12x36 IS III Image Stabilization Binoculars in Practical Use

The Canon 12x36 IS III binoculars offered satisfactory optical quality in our tests. It impressed us with the high resolution of its Porro prism binoculars, which does not decrease at the edges. Also remarkable is its high contrast, which does not diminish even in more difficult observation situations.

In our tests, we also noticed the high level of detail accuracy, which was achieved by the incorporated image stabilizer. This Canon 12x36 IS III binoculars deliver outstanding results even at dusk, so the scattered light behavior proves to be very unproblematic. However, the color fringing that occurs in high contrasts is objectionable. In our tests, we were able to prevent them by adjusting the eyebrow, but they remained conspicuous.

With regards to user comfort, the Canon 12x36 IS III binoculars convinced us again. It made focusing very easy and very comfortable in our tests on the ergonomic design. Also, there are the invertible rubber eye shells.
Canon 12x36 IS III Binoculars Reviews

Canon 12x36 IS III Binoculars Review - Watch The Video Below


Overall it’s a win-win binocular for any stargazer, especially who have experience with dealing powerful image stabilized or other binoculars.  This binocular show bright, crisp and clear images with two long, comfortable eye relief. So, people who ware glass will more enjoy the view with the wide field of the bino. Besides, other handheld binocular users such as hunters, wildlife observer etc. will find it quite handy.

If you use something 10x30 or other options for such these things like hunting, bird watching, tracking etc, then the canon 12x36 IS III image stabilization binoculars will be much lighter and affordable option for you. Hope this canon 12x36 IS III binoculars review will help you lot for better understanding.

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Canon 12x36 IS Image Stabilization III Binoculars Review
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