Canon 18×50 IS Image Stabilized All Weather Binoculars Review 2018

canon 18x50 is binoculars review

This article is for most awaited Canon 18x50 is image stabilized all weather binoculars review. Canon is the top brand for quality binoculars, that’s why today we'll analyze one of Canon's best binocular- specially made for outdoor activities. After few months of arriving this 18x50 mm become a popular one among many adventure seekers. And why not it would be? 

This handheld binocular design for outdoors sports like water sports activity, skiing, hunting or other changing outdoor funs. It has an option for tripod the tripod socket. So if you need to use it for a long time you have the alternative choice.

The image stabilization binocular has 18x magnification with 50mm objective lenses. Also the focus distance and angles view is respectively 19.7ft/6 meter and 3.7 degrees. If you want to work with the exit pupil’s diameter than it has eye relief with 2.8 and 15 mm.

 Although, it has a lot of options that are made for especially give a decent performance in different light condition. So, let’s discover how much they actually worth for different type of users.

Canon 18x50 IS Image Stabilized All Weather Binoculars Review

Technical Specification of Canon 18x50 IS Image Stabilising All Weather Binoculars

  • Magnification: 18x
  • Dimensions: 5x8x11 inches
  • Effective front lens diameter: 50 mm
  • Weight: 3.95 pounds
  • Exit pupil (approx. Mm): 2.8 mm
  • Distance of the exit pupil: 15 mm
  • Type of prism: Porro Prism II
  • Closest focusing distance: approx. 6 m
  • Power supply: 2 Mignon cells
  • Battery range: +25 ° C: approx. 2.5 hours; -10 ° C: approx. 10 minutes(with alkaline batteries).
  • Battery level indicator: yes, LED
  • Water repellent: JIS Level 4

Features of Canon 18x50 IS Image Stabilization All Weather Binoculars

  • Robust construction 

The Canon 18x50 IS image stabilized all weather binoculars was specially designed for long-term use, these binoculars can be adapted to every individual’s eye distance, while a 15 mm exit pupil minimizes the tunnel effect for spectacle wearers.

  • Premium quality 18x magnification

The high-quality, high-performance Canon 18x50 IS image stabilization binocular allows up to 18x magnification and Canon precision optics provide a UD (ultra-low dispersion) lens for reducing chromatic aberrations and super spectra coating for vibrant, high-contrast images with precise colors.

  • Specially designed for challenging conditions.

Thanks to weather protection by JIS 4, this excellent Canon 18x50 IS image stabilising AW binoculars can also be used in extreme weather conditions. The robust construction with rubber armoring is designed to withstand even extreme weather conditions. Therefore, these binoculars are perfect for intensive use.

  • Extremely quiet, bright images.

Canon 18x50 IS AW binoculars has an in-built Canon Image Stabilizer Technology (IS) which provides an impressive quiet image because the IS compensates for a variety of unwanted wobblers and movements as they occur when they are not supported or even moving vehicles and boats. This light-heavy binoculars offers a front lens with a diameter of 50 mm and thus provides a particularly bright image.

  • Easy to find the subject 

Thanks to an apparent image field of 60.3 °, the subject can be easily found with Canon 18x50 IS AW Binoculars. The optics with Porro Prisma II and two field-levelling lenses provide a clear, smooth, distortion-free image from the center of the image to the edge.

  • Equipment

For the Canon 18x50 IS image stabilized all weather binoculars, the manufacturers ensured that the entire product weight is approximately 1.8 kg. As per the specification of this binoculars, the manufacturer have listed in the product description; an optical Canon image stabilizer with very high resolution. 

This revolutionary system, which is already integrated by Canon in numerous other cameras, is based on a unique vary-angle prism. The image stabilizer not only suppresses blurring and edge markings but is intended, with such support, to make it easier to use the binoculars even from driving cars. Based on this, we've rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

canon 18x50 is binoculars review
  • Delivery

The Canon 18x50 IS comes with a plastic bag, the quality of which is satisfactory. Also, you get a carrying strap, which is however attached to the eyepieces. This unfortunately reduces the ease of use slightly. Unfortunately, no covers for the front lenses are included.

  • Material

The Canon 18x50 IS binoculars is equipped with a robust rubber coating that feels very convenient to hold. This makes the model very well protected against impacts or bumps. The rest of the material is made of high-quality metal, which makes these binoculars very robust. Please keep reading this Canon 18x50 is image stabilized all weather binoculars review below for more details about this product.


  • With a lens diameter of 50 millimeters, the Canon 18x50 IS image stabilized binoculars delivers bright images up to twilight.
  • The ultra-low dispersion lens is part of the precision optics and reduces chromatic aberrations,i.e., color fringing at the edge.
  • The Porro prism II optics provide sharp, vivid and high-contrast images.


  • The image stabilizer is powered with two Mignon cells, whose service life varies according to the outside temperature, and largely compensates for shakiness when the boat is unoccupied or when boats are moving.
  • A real shortcoming seems to be the eyeglasses, which have been criticized by several buyers.

For whom is Canon 18x50 IS Image Stabilized All Weather Binoculars Suitable?

The powerful all-weather Canon 18x50 IS image stabilization binoculars is a professional designed specifically for particularly harsh environmental conditions and shipping. 

These binoculars shake off anything the weather throws at them; whether it is -the weather protection feature can tolerate 10 degrees of coldness or 45 degrees of heat, or even 90 percent of humidity according to JIS 4.

For the recreation area, the glass, which weighs 1,180 grams, is not suitable because of it’s quite heavy. 

Ensure that you keep glass smooth despite its image stabilizer. While an 18-fold magnification at sea or in the open field is a real advantage, it becomes, for example, a crucial factor in animal observation in the dense forests. 

Also, the slightly small field of view from 67 meters to 1,000 meters makes the orientation more difficult due to its high magnification factor.

canon 18x50 is image stabilized binocular review

Canon 18x50 IS Image Stabilized All Weather Binoculars in Practical Use

These 18x50 is image stabilized all weather binoculars from Canon will deliver satisfactory optical performance. In our tests, this model posted a very high performance and impressed us with its high edge sharpness as well as contrast-rich and detailed images. 

Notable was it's a high light transformation that afforded us very clear and bright images in our tests despite its relatively small pupil exit. Image stabilization, in turn, results in a further increase in perceptible resolution. 

Also, astronomical observations were easy to perform thanks to the 18-fold magnification capability. In observations, we discovered details that would not be so perceptible in binoculars with a 10-fold magnification.

As earlier highlighted, these binoculars from Canon require a quiet hand, and therefore it necessitates some practice. Also in the tests, we had to adjust the distance between the eyepieces. In contrast to many other models, the eyepieces are turned in opposite directions. 

Canon 18x50 IS Image Stabilized All Weather Binoculars Review - Watch The Video Below


So, finally, we can assure you about the most wanted quality of this binocular the quality images in different light condition with all great sharps edge and details. The pro-prism designing of this bino gives the true color and vivid images of any natural views.

Also, the ultra-low dispersion glass element, long eye-relief, high magnification etc. Are great in their own place of activity. But all these features are responsible for its weight and high prices as well.

So, is it worth totally for any professional or matures hunter or adventure lovers? Well, if you have a limited budget then it will be a bit tough to answer. But we’ll highly recommend Canon 18x50 is image stabilized all weather binoculars review as an investment for enjoying long-term outdoor activities.

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