How to adjust binoculars in the correct way

How to adjust binoculars

You do not get the best result from your binoculars if you do not know how to adjust binoculars properly. Besides, you will see some black area inside your binocular. So, it is essential to adjust the binoculars first. Then you will get the bright, sharp and proper images of the objects.

Most of the people cannot focus the binocular correctly, and they get no advantages from it. I am going to provide you with some information which is helpful to adjust your binocular.

How to adjust binoculars

Binocular is the tool that has some parts you need to fix them properly. Let’s see the correct way of how to adjust binoculars.

Eyepiece adjusting

The distance between eye pupil and eyepiece can vary from 55mm to 75mm. Here the average is 66mm. At first, hold the binocular in the normal position. Then grasp the binocular barrels firmly and move them closer or apart from them until you see the images in the single circle.

Some binocular has IPD scale. You can note the setting to use it for future. But sometimes, when you glass nearby the objects, you need to adjust it again. So, practice for some time, and you can do it within some seconds.

Eyecup setting

Most binoculars have eyecups which are adjustable. It helps to position the eye pupils to see the maximum field of view. There are some types of eyecup such as twist-up, roll-down and pop-up. If you do not use glasses, you should keep the eyecups in up position. If you wear glasses, you should keep the eyecups down. Then position the eyecups to fit according to your need.

Diopter adjustment

Diopter adjustment is most important. You have to adjust it separately for your two eyes. At first, adjust your left eye. For this, close the right eye. Now focus an image with the diopter wheel. For the glass wearer, the position of the diopter will be zero.

If you wear the glass of +2 diopter in both eyes, you should keep the diopter at zero position. But the right way is adjusting the diopter by seeing the image with the left eye clearly and sharply. Now adjust for the right eye in the same process.

Focusing the non-diopter sides

Here, use the lens cover to cover the lens of the binocular that has been setting the diopter. Now focus the sides with center-focus wheel without any diopter setting changing.

Focusing both sides

For the center-focus binocular, focusing is same as the diopter adjustment.

Besides, the center-focus binocular users experience refocusing the binocular continually. On the other hand, individual-focus users need not refocus continuously. Focus on an object and control the distance between the object and your eye to see it clearly and comfortably.

When you see it sharply, you have done the focusing.

I hope you now know how to adjust binoculars properly. It is not so hard. So, if you have a new binocular, try to adjust it correctly. Then enjoy birding, hunting, and watching nature. For a hunter, manually focused binoculars are the better choice.

How to adjust binoculars in the correct way
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