New Vortex Razor HD Binocular Reviews


The Vortex Razor HD Binocular is considered the pinnacle of the Vortex line. Because it strikes and outstanding balance between unparalleled clarity, durability, as well as toughness so you can take your pair of binocular anywhere with you while minimizing the risk of damaging them.

It does not end with functionality when it comes to the Razor HD binocular line. They are also ideal for individuals looking for small, light in weight, and strong binoculars.

The Vortex Razor HD Binocular is considered the pinnacle of the Vortex line. This is because it strikes and outstanding balance between unparalleled clarity, durability, as well as toughness so you can take your pair of binocular anywhere with you while minimizing the risk of damaging them. It does not end with functionality when it comes to the Razor HD binocular line. They are also ideal for individuals looking for small, light in weight, and strong binoculars.

The open-bridge design and feel are eye-catching and comfortable to operate. This design makes it easier to hold even with one hand. In this, you have the ability to make the best of both your hands in the event you need to stretch out and pick something or support yourself. The fit and finish complement the outstanding functionality of the binoculars. They are great for wildlife viewing. Not because they provide sharp and clear images but also because it dampens sound so, you do not scare the animals.


Why You Should Choose Vortex Razor HD Binocular

Vortex Razor HD Binocular is gaining popularity due to the included features. The features to watch out for include:




They feature apochromatic (apo) lens system, which plays the role of reducing aberrations due to its ability to focus wavelengths of color at the same point despite their differences in speed. This provides a clear distinction between colors. Also, you will be able to receive a distinct contrast and sharpness as opposed to binoculars that are non-APO. This boosts the overall performance when viewing images at a distance.


The HD lens elements play a key role in boosting clear vision as it delivers on providing you with high definition images. This is due to its extra-low dispersion glass and deliverance of superior resolution. It works hand-in-hand with the apo lens system to define color differentiation at its best and delivers on color fidelity. HD lens is easy on the eye, and you will be able to manipulate it as it focuses the light wavelengths and in turn, improves the resolution of the images.


The XR anti-reflective coatings and the lenses are fully multi-coated with the aim of increasing light transmission to boost bright images. With adequate light transmission, you will be able to receive clear images even when the lighting is dull because of these place a focus on the available lighting. The anti-reflective coating makes it easy to distinguish between images. This feature allows for clear light transmission, so you have a brilliant view of images.


This dielectric prism coating on this line of binoculars boosts light reflectivity. By boosting the reflectivity, you, in turn, experience better light transmission. This, in turn, leaves a sharper and brighter vision while at the same time ensuring that the image is as natural as possible through your entire field of view. This will meet the objective of viewing images that are clear, bright, and color accurate.


The plasma tech application on the Vortex Razor HD Binocular aims at ensuring durability for the product as well as enhances the overall performance of the binoculars. Plasma tech application is seen on the coating, so it minimizes the risk of damaging your pair of binoculars while at the same time allowing you to use it in different environments to give you that sharp, clear, and well-defined images.


The phase correction features come in handy in giving a high contrast and sharp image. It meets this objective by ensuring that the color wavelengths have a similar focus. This helps to reduce chromatic aberration and fastens the color visibility. In this, you will be enhancing the resolution and contrast of images. It is, however, important to note that this feature is found on binoculars with the roof prism model.



Roof Prism

The roof prism offers a smaller and light in weight design. Besides, it leaves a sleeker architecture accompanied by fewer internal parts. In reference to vision, this helps to provide better and brighter images. More commonly, you will find the Bak-4 glass prism to meet this objective on the Vortex Razor HD binoculars. This is one of the best quality prisms in the market, and it is not short in this line of binoculars.

True Open Hinge

This line of binoculars comes with an actual open hinge design, which offers a superior ergonomics. This provides a great design that is easy to handle with either one hand or both without blocking your view. It allows individuals of different hand sizes, even those with small to easily operate it. This design also aims at decreasing the binoculars overall weight and bulk. This makes it easy to pack when traveling.

Magnesium Chassis

The magnesium chassis just as the name suggests is made from magnesium material, which is light in weight. This material reduces the weight of the binocular without compromising on its strength. Its lightweight feature makes it easily portable over long distances. It does not add to the bulk, and you can have more luggage if you are going out camping. Its lightweight nature does not compromise on strength making this line preferable.

Waterproof and Fogproof

With the aim of ensuring that the Vortex Razor HD line of binoculars is waterproof and fog proof, it comes with optics that are sealed with o-rings. These rings play the role of preventing moisture, dust, as well as debris from slipping into your binoculars. In addition, you do not have to worry about internal fogging because the internal air is filled with argon gas. Argon gas prevents internal fogging in highly humid areas or areas experiencing rapid temperature changes.

Armor Tek

Vortex Razor HD Binocular armor Trek feature is an ultra-hard coating on the binocular’s exterior lenses. This plays the role of ensuring that the lenses are scratch resistant and prevent smudging from oil and dirt. This boosts durability and allows you to use them in different environments without constantly cleaning them. With clear lenses, you will always have a clear vision. While this coating is ultra-hard and boosts durability, it allows for flexibility of use.

Rubber Armor

Vortex Razor HD rubber armor focuses on providing a durable binocular while at the same time boosting a firm grip. Rubber material ensures you have a firm grip because it is not slippery and you can always feel it thus ensuring it stays firm and securely in your hands. In reference to durability, the rubber finish provides a reinforcement so that you do not damage it easily from a few drops.

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Multi-position Eyecups

The eyecups allow for multi-positioning allowing you to twist it either up or down depending on your preference and the position of what you are viewing without changing your position. This boosts the aspect of providing a customized fit. With this, it boosts your comfort when viewing content for individuals who wear eyeglasses as well as those who do not. This also eases your experience if you are out in the sun and are wearing sunglasses.

Center Focus Wheel

The center focus wheel serves the purpose of adjusting the focus of the binocular barrels. While there are two barrels with the new Vortex Razor HD, this feature allows you to adjust both barrels at the same time. The adjustments are not limiting so you can twist it until you find your comfort zone while upholding on better visibility. The wheel is ideally placed, large and easy to access with the aim of boosting convenience and efficiency.

Locking Diopter

The locking diopter boosts flexibility due to its ability to make adjustments to favor the differences in individuals’ eyes. Located on the center focus dial, it is convenient making it easier for you to make the right adjustments without straying away from your field of view. You do not have to worry about inadvertent changes as the ring locks in position. To make changes, simply pull it upwards towards the eyecup.

Tripod Adaptable

The new Vortex Razor HD binoculars allow you to use the models with a tripod adapter. In this, you can use your binocular on a tripod or your car window mount. In the event, you need to position your binoculars after a tiring day and focus on an image or object; you can invest in a tripod stand. With this, you can position your binoculars and rest your arms as you capture the best. This is a key feature, especially for wildlife viewing.

Recommended Vortex Razor HD Binocular Reviews

1. Vortex Razor HD 12×50 ROOF PRISM BINOCULAR


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The Razor HD 12×50 binocular model is ideally designed to meet the needs and preferences of viewing nature. In reference to its physic, it meets this objective die to its color, design, and coating.

The color green is ideal for camouflaging out in nature especially for wildlife viewing. In addition, it comes with a protective coating to prevent easy damages. The design is easy to handle for right about anyone.

In reference to functionality, it comes with a great combination of features to allow you to view images from a further distance. It offers a magnification of 12 and an objective size of 50mm, which serves the purpose of bringing the image closer while allowing you to take on a wider view.

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2. Vortex Razor HD 10×50 ROOF PRISM BINOCULAR


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The 10×50 model is competitively upholding on quality, clarity, as well as offer a great design. The different key features make this product appealing for use in the sports events as well as other distant requiring occasions.

With a 10x magnification and premium high-density extra-low dispersion glass, you can be sure that it will bring your images much closer while at the same time ensuring that they are bright and clear.

The color definition gets even better with the combination of the HD glass and the APO lens system. Even in dull lighting, you can be sure to experience a great viewing experience due to this model’s ability to transmit light thus ensuring bright and clear images.

3. Vortex Razor HD 10×42 ROOF PRISM BINOCULAR


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The Vortex Razor HD 10×42 Binocular places a key focus on versatility. This model is flexible in allowing individuals to change between close range and distance viewing with ease. Thanks to this trait, it is gaining popularity amongst bird watchers, sports events watching, and nature watching. You can use it in different environments due to its waterproofing feature.

This model is light in weight with come with a protective coating to allow you to watch over longer periods without tiring with ease while at the same time giving you a non-slip grip.

With a 10-power objective and high-quality prisms, it is bound to deliver high definition images. Enhance your field of view with its 6.3-degree angle. It has a great balance between functionality and design.

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4. Vortex Razor HD 8×42 ROOF PRISM BINOCULAR


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The Razor HD 8×42 is an eye-catcher considering it grabbed the 2012 award for the winner Binocular of the year. As a smaller and lighter model in this line, it has gained favor as an all-rounded pair of binoculars that gives the best of both worlds.

In this, it works great with both distant and closer objects. This is due to its 8x magnification against a 42mm objective size.

Its key attractions include a lockable right eye diopter that minimizes accidental changes, Lightweight open hinge magnesium body, fully fog proof and waterproof capabilities that ensure you are not limited to sightseeing during specific seasons. With phase correction capabilities, it provides sharp and clear images with outstanding light reflectivity thanks to its dielectric prism coatings. It does not compromise on image quality as well as on product quality.

Recommendation of Usage

Looking at the overall features from the Vortex Razor HD Binocular review, this line from Vortex offers a great feature combination despite the difference in magnification and objective size. With a key focus on the features offered, the quality of materials included, and the overall design of the binoculars, we recommend it for use for the following purposes.

Bird watchers will appreciate the high definition images with detail to color variations.

Hunters can approach their hunt cautiously without getting so close which may scare away their targets. In addition, they are suitable for use by hunters as they can take on different environments whether it is wet and misty or rainy.

Sports events e.g. horse racing due to the high definition and high magnification powers to ensure you follow the game despite the distance away from you.

With some binoculars taking home binoculars of the year award from this collection, it is definite that you will be using some of the best not just from the manufacturers say but also from consumers just like you. We also like the aspect of the brand’s warranty that is comforting to consumers.

Final Verdict

The new Vortex Razor HD Binocular is designed to deliver excellent color and apparent resolution while providing an outstanding design to ease its use.

Despite the varying field of view for the different models in the Razor HD line, they do not compromise on image clarity. This line also places a focus on providing quality optics. Delivering on functionality is at its best with this line of Vortex Razor binoculars.

In addition, its physic is delivered on quality and durability so they can take on different terrains despite the difference in environments and conditions. We highly recommend the new Vortex Razor HD binoculars.

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