Best Binoculars for Golf in 2018 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

best binoculars for golf reviews

Looking for best binoculars for golf, either as a spectator or a player and wondering on which is the best binocular for viewing golf?

You know sometimes it is confusing when you are out there in the stores to buy things you have no knowledge of. But worry no more, as we provide you with the list of the best binoculars for watching golf together with some important features one need to check before purchasing binoculars to use for viewing golf.

Our Top Rated Golf Binoculars in 2018

1. Steiner 234 8×22 Predator Pro Binoculars

2. Nikon MONARCH 3 10×42 Binocular

3. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×25 Compact Folding Roof Prism Binoculars

4. Hawke Endurance ED Binoculars

5. Wingspan Optics Spectator 8×32 Compact Binoculars

6. Eyeskey 10X42 Binoculars 

7. Bushnell 8×25 Spectator Sport black Porro Permafocus


Top 5 Best Golf Binoculars Reviews For 2018

1. Steiner 234 8×22 Predator Pro Binoculars

best binoculars for golf
Looking for the best binoculars for watching golf?

Then the no.1 on the list; the Steiner 234 8×22 Predator Pro Binoculars will surely interest you.

It is one of the best compact binoculars for golf I ever used and comments of several golf binoculars review suggest I’m not alone.

It is a lightweight binocular with strong aluminum housing and a uniquely designed rugged armor covering that allows a firm grip. The Steiner 234 Pro binocular in addition, features green-tinted Predator lenses to filter out the colors of foliage and haze.

Among the important features of this binocular is the higher magnification of 8×, 22mm objective lens and most importantly low weight.

No wonder the Steiner 234 Pro binoculars is considered the best by many not only for golfing but for other activities such as, hunting and wildlife viewing.

What we liked
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Quality images.
  • Great value for money.
  • Multipurpose functions.
  • Unique and beautiful design.
What we disliked
  • The small size is great but it can sometimes be challenging to hold steady.



2. Nikon MONARCH 3 10×42 Binocular

best binoculars for watching golf
Nikon 7541 MONARCH 3 10×42 Binocular is indeed one of the best golf binoculars. It has its lens surfaces coated with anti-reflective coatings.

The polycarbonate body designed to be rugged and durable. It is fully designed in such a way to eliminate the degradation of the image as a result of different light phases that are reflected in the binocular.

It has additional features like multi-click turn and slides eyecups that give eye relief a factor very important and friendly for eyeglass wearers.

Moreover, it is temperature resistant, water and fog proof this make suitable to use in all kinds of weather conditions.


What we liked
  • It can be used in different weather conditions as it is water and fog proof
  • Easy to carry as it is Lightweight
  • Provides quality resolution
  • The warranty is great
  • Excellent price-performance ratio.
What we disliked
  • The binocular is a bit bulky.



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3. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×25 Compact Folding Roof Prism Binoculars

best compact binoculars for golf
It is no doubt to say Bushnell Legend Ultra HD fits to its position in this list. It’s arguably the best compact binoculars for golf. It is notably small and ideal for pocket carry.

With the 10x magnification and 25-millimeter objective you will enjoy the benefit of brighter and sharpest images you’ve ever experienced.

Beautifully designed with 100% quality materials built to last for a very long period of time. The BaK-4 prisms, Ultra wideband coatings and ED Prime Glass combine to give an exceptional optical viewing experience.

In addition, it is treated with RainGuard HD which makes it fully water and fog proof.

What we liked
  • View quality is outstanding.
  • Exceptional good resolution
  • Fully waterproof
  • Wide field of view
  • Beautiful design with quality material that can last for a very long time.
What we disliked
  • Decreased field of view with the increased magnification.



4. Hawke Endurance ED Binoculars

Hawke Endurance ED Binoculars
Looking at the golf binoculars reviews, you will believe that Hawke Endurance ED Binocular is best and second to none.

It is one of the best binoculars for watching golf. Hawke Endurance ED Binoculars features phase-corrected BAK4 roof prisms, reflection free and fully multi-coated optics to give a consistent and nice optic that produces clear, bright and high-contrast images with true color.

The extra-low-dispersion (ED) glass is another great strength of the device. In addition to the optical features, the 42mm diameter objectives give the binocular a very wide range of view that allows you to catch more of the action.

The tubes do not expand and contract with temperature changes, this means, It is temperature-resistant. A right-eye diopter adjustment makes the binocular fit to most people’s needs, and twist-up eyecups make it even friendlier to use with or without spectacles.

What we liked
  • Suited for other outdoor activities such as hunting and birding.
  • Fast Center Focusing Knob
  • Lightweight and compatible size
  • Water and Fogproof
What we disliked
  • The price is quite on the high side.



5. Wingspan Optics Spectator 8×32 Compact Binoculars

Wingspan Optics Spectator 8x32 Compact Binoculars
If you are a fan of watching golf, you need to get a pair of binoculars for yourself that you can easily take with you.

When you are looking for lightweight and pocket size binoculars, then make for yourself an excellent choice by getting Wingspan Optics Spectator 8X32 Compact Binoculars.

These binoculars have the following specifications: Magnification: 8x, Eye relief: 14.8 mm, Close focus: 3m, Tripod adaptable Prism type: BaK-4 Roof system and a wide field of view.

These binoculars will enhance your viewing pleasure, and yet you catch all the action and never have to compromise when it comes to clarity, full details, and brightness.

What we liked
  • Crystal Clear Focus: These type of binoculars are designed to give a sharper focus.
  • Easy To carry: compact and lightweight.
  • Very durable: Designed and equipped with 100% quality materials.
  • Double Guarantee.
  • Quality accessories.
What we disliked
  • May be difficult to focus on customers who have never used binoculars.



Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Binoculars For Watching Golf


Magnification is a very crucial factor one needs to consider before getting a pair of binoculars. As the whole idea behind using binoculars is to get a closer look at the actions on the field. Some people might think a high magnification is better, but this is not true as higher magnification gives you a narrower field of vision.

This means that you get a clearer view of your focus but tends to miss out what is happening from the sides. So it is important to note that a magnification of 7×, 8×, or 10× is more than enough to maintain a balance between getting closer to the action and wide field of view.


The size and weight of your binoculars matter a lot especially as you are to carry it along with you as you go, and sometimes on the neck. Therefore, as a player or a spectator, lightweight binoculars are considered the best binoculars to use. For this reason, most of the binoculars we will reveal shortly are compact, light and very easy to transport and store.

Field of view

This is the wide range you are able to see through your binoculars. And it is important to note that a wide field of view allows you to observe what is going on the field without going through the difficulties of changing your view.

Objective lens diameter

Another important factor to consider is the Lens objective size. It is apparent that larger lenses are better known to collect more light than smaller lenses. This means you will get brighter views of objects while using binocular with larger lenses as compared to those with smaller lenses. It is important to mention that the size of the objective lens greatly affects your field of view.


Final Verdict

As a player or a golf spectator, there is a need you get for yourself a pair of binoculars in order not to miss out some of the important action on the field.

Knowing fully that not all binoculars can serve you better, the list provided above are some of the best binoculars for viewing golf and believe me you will not be disappointed when you purchase any out of the list provided.

At this point, it is worthy to point out that it is difficult to point out a single pair of binocular and say it is the best for golf or sporting events. Therefore, with the list above we believe we’ve made it a lot easier to buy the best binoculars for golf.

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Best Binoculars for Golf in 2018 (Reviews & Buying Guide)
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